How To Add Pictures

How To Add Your Pictures To The Gallery

    1. Login to the Blog using your Username & Password—this will take you to the “Dashboard”
    2. Along the left side, you’ll see “Gallery”, hover your mouse over that word and then click on “Add Gallery/Images”
    3. You need to create a Gallery so there will be a place to add photos (if you’ve done this, skip ahead to #6.
    4. At the top of the page, click on “Add New Gallery”
    5. Please use this format for your Gallery name: Glen-L Design by Your Name, Your City, State. For example: Riviera by Bob Martin, Culver City, California – Click on “Add Gallery”.
    6. Click on “Upload Images” at the top and then the “Browse” button.
    7. From your computer, choose the photo you want to upload then click on “Open”. Continue doing this until you get all of them selected. Or, if you have a lot of photos, click on “Enable Flash Upload” and you can select multiple photos at a time. Once you have them selected have clicked on “Open”, click on the box to “Scale images to max width 900pix or max height 0pix”.
    8. Be sure you select your gallery name from the drop down as to where you want the photos and then click “Upload”. This will start the process of uploading your photos.
    9. Once they’ve uploaded, there will be a notice towards the top of the page that reads “X picture(s) successfully added [Edit gallery]   Click on “Edit Gallery”
    10. Here are the sections we recommend changing or filling in:
      1. Description – this is for any comments you want to add about why you wanted to build this boat or other comments
      2. Preview image – This is the image that will show next to your Gallery name—choose the one you want from the drop down list. Click on “Save Changes”
      3. Alt & Title/Text Description – The first box will already be filled in with the name of the photo as it was uploaded. Please change it here to follow this format so that when your photo shows up on our site, people will know which boat this is and who built it: Glen-L Design as built by Your Name-001 (Example: Glen-L Riviera as built by Bob Martin-001). Adding the “001, 002, 003” etc, allows you to order your photos in construction sequence. Then, in the bigger box below, add the same words without the numbers (Example: Glen-L Riviera as built by Bob Martin). Then you can add any comments you want after that such as “Here I’m attaching the frame to the stem”, etc.
      4. Tags (comma separated list) – Add any terms that people may use to search for your photos such as the name of the design, the type (inboard, outboard), construction method (plywood, steel, aluminum, etc) and anything else you think would be helpful. Between words, don’t use spaces, just commas (Example: Riviera,inboard,cold molded,mahogany runabout)
      5. Be sure and click on “Save Changes” otherwise, you’ll lose your entries
  • Once you’re done, please send us an email at and let us know that you’ve created a gallery because when you create a new gallery, until we add it to the site, it won’t show. Once your gallery is on our site, any additions you make will show up right away. However, please let us know when you make updates too so that we can brag about you in our Newsletter!





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