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Alpha II Renovation by Martha Bonney, Dover, New Hampshire

July, 2012 I renovated the Alpha II built in 1999 by Oliver C. Brett who pased in 2008. It had a bit of rot in the stringers and sides and needed repairs. Mr Brett had set up the sailing rig as a yawl with a sprit main sail. We get lots of nice comments on the boat, and have directed several people to I love sailing her.

Alpha II by Oliver Brett, Beverly, MA

21 Oct. 1999 Glen-L Well here it is, finally finished (nearly). This is my Alpha-II just after an easy row down the lake. I\'ve fitted it with a pair of 9\' oars from Shawn Tenney, and so happy with this combination, may never get to the sail rig. At 73 years old, I\'m not usually in a hurry to get anywhere and rather enjoy the mild exercise of rowing this beautiful boat. Sincerely Oliver Brett

Alpha 2 by Robert Sanson, Saratoga Springs, NY

October 27, 2020 - Construction photos added by Glen-L October 30, 2008 Here is the Glen-L "Alpha 2" sailboat that I finished in 2001. Build time was 6 months. Total cost was about $3,500. I also built the wooden trailer from some old 1950s trailer plans (also from Glen-L). It works well and the odd thing is that it floats! which makes it a little weird at the boat launch. I also made the sails from a Sailrite kit. I\'m very pleased with all of it. The boat sails very nicely, it also rows nicely. The construction is holding up well after 6 years and I still get comments every time I sail it! I highly recommend it! Go to and buy the plans!


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