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Aqua Cat by Daniel Bucklin, Sydney, Australia

Updated August 13, 2012 3 October 2004 G\'day; Here are a few photo updates for my Aqua Cat project. The building is going along well. Frames are all built and encapsulated in epoxy. Building form is together and anchored firmly ashore. I am using spruce framing and gaboon (mahogany) ply. The timber is easily worked, compared to the local hardwoods that I\'m used to dealing with. All framing and longitudinals are 4/4 net thickness and that makes for some challenging chine bending, let me tell you. The bow-piece/stem assembly and transom are also in place and hard aground. Runner keels are installed and the last chine log went on today, this operation is somewhat clumsy when building solo. More photo\'s and updates will follow. Thanks for the great plans and for your informative website. Best regards, Daniel Bucklin

Aqua Cat by Brian White,  Bowen Island BC

Subject: Aqua Cat pictures Sun, 16 Nov 2003 08:00:39 HI: I launched one of your designs in May 2003. Its an acqa cat but was modified somewhat top side to give more cabin space. The hull was 2 layers of 1/4 inch cold molded marine ply over beafed up frames. Gven marine conditions (logs) on the West Coast a heavier design seemed appropriate. She\'s powered by twin merc 60\'s and tops out at 30kn at full throttle but cruises at 20 at about 2/3\'s throttle. It\'s a great design, surprisingly stable in rough seas and roomy for cruising with friends. Thanks alot. Regards... Brian White Bowen Island BC

Aqua Cat by Lee Hanson, Key west, FL

12 September 1998 To Whom It May Concern: Just thought you would like to see what my modified Aqua-Cat looks like. I used five-quarter mahogany for the framing, I raised the deck two (2) inches to accommodate two (2) inch PVC that contains electric and control cables from the center console to the engines. I have it powered by two 40 hp, 4-stroke Hondas. Just wondering how many 74 year olds build your boats? I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Sincerely, Lee Hanson (Key West, FL)

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