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Bandido by Jon Holcomb, Ft. Bragg, California

Update July 2014 Some pictures taken 2 days ago above here, at West Port on our family boat \"Miss Michelle\"...Chris Gray line-tending for me. What a gift...40 years of diving, 20 on this boat, the hull designed by Glen-L ... priceless! Update November 2013 July 2013 Photo\'s of my boat \"Miss Michelle\" returning to Noyo harbor, Ft. Bragg, California at 7:45 AM March 11, 2011...built from Glen-L plans \"Bandito\". This was the day of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan. The \'punch through\' in Northern California was well over the pix taken ~ 3 seconds after shows what\'s left of a 50\' explosion that filled my air horn ...when used, it just burped out the water. Contact Noyo Harbor master if confirmation of story or boat reputation is in question. I was asked to swim the harbor bottom by the harbor solid pilings and connected walkways were snapped off below the bottom...unbelieveable power. So very tragic and sad for our sister city in Japan, and all the fishermen, families, children there, so sad. They were/ARE so brave and strong this story isn\'t worth your time, but one abalone diver, probably my age-65, took his boat out trying to save it after 40 years with it...and tells his story...if you want a real story, is so inspirational you have to read it. ...none of his other friends...(30 boats?) made it. We, at Noyo harbor here in Northern California, were SO was low tide here, or we would have lost everything in the harbor. Thanks to your company for wonderfully detailed advice in your building plans, they were extremely valuable. I always recommend your company and plans. Like any boat I\'ll ever own, it has to work, and pay for itself...and it has. P.S. I \"bonded\" with \"Miss Michelle\" (named after our daughter) in the 20 hours it took to run it solo, 400 miles down the coast to Santa Barbara in 1997. Leaving Santa Cruz harbor on the second morning, rounding Pt. Sur, (just around the corner from Monterey) I was forced to turn around and wait a day...due to some nasty 10\' chop. The boat could take more than I ever will, thanks to the deep-V. If these plans weren\'t as well thought out and spelled out, the failure of this project would have cost me at least a divorce, if not our home for the money I used! It\'s our \"family\" boat now, and worth all the time, effort and money! It\'s paid for itself! Thanks again, and God Bless!

Bandido by Scott Ure of Wemyss Bay, Scotland

On the first weekend of September 2011 Soul Rebel finally had the engine and stern drive fitted before being moved to the Marina for launching. On 11th September 2011, almost exactly 8 years to the day since receiving the build plans, the completed boat was finally named Soul Rebel with a bottle of champagne by my daughter Sarah and launched shortly afterwards. All went well and after some testing we finally took Soul Rebel out on sea trials on the river Clyde on the West Coast of Scotland. Wow, what a boat, it performs far in excess of our wildest expectations and has received many great comments already. After all this time building the boat it has been well worth the effort and we are looking forward to many happy years sailing her. As you can see the upper part of the boat has been changed a little from the build plans to give more below deck space which has proved a real bonus. Hope everyone enjoys the photographs.


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