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Bingo by David Bradshaw & Son Sam, Victoria, BC, Candada

21 October 2013 These are of my son Sam\'s Bingo we have just begun to build. We have started a blog post as well to document progress. Thank you,

Bingo by Kevin Hartley, Ontario, Canada

The Bingo has been a great little boat, I built it as a tender and tow it behind my 1961 32\' Chris Craft, it has been towed all over Georgian Bay and through all kinds of water 6-7 footers and handled every bit of it. It is better suited for smaller lakes and water ways but has done me well, always an eye catcher and a conversation piece at the dock.

Bingo by Mark Matte, Oshawa, Ontario Canada

Growing up around water most of my life, I always loved boats and just plain being on the water in the summer time. Having done alot of woodwork in my time, a friend mentioned to me that I should build a boat. I was hesitant at first. After all, I had only made small pieces of furniture before. I had never even read blueprints before. I have to admit, I was a little confused when I opened the blueprints up for the first time, but after reading and understanding, and the with expert help on the site, my \"Bingo\" was born. I started the build on Easter Weekend in April of 2009 and had the boat in the water for the first test run in Sept of 2009. I worked on it every chance I could; weekends, after work, before work, I also spent my 5 weeks vacation time working on it. It was really alot of fun building and even more fun running it. I ran the boat for the last 2 years with a 1985 30HP Johnson, I have recently sold that motor and purchased a new Tohatsu 50HP at the Toronto Boat Show this year. Now Im really looking forward to this summer in 2012. I\'m just starting to put the build pictures on the site for others to see which Im sure will help them if they decide to build the Bingo. I hope everyone enjoys looking at these pictures as I have many. It may take me a few weeks to get the pictures I want on here so please be patient with me. I will also be posting a video on u-tube shortly of the boat running in the water. I will be sure to let you know when this is done. Bye for now......Mark

Bingo by Brad Lynskey

Bingo by Brad Lynskey, Arkadelphia, Arkansas 10 July, 2009


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