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Bonanza by Anthony Herrett, Melbourne, Australia

January 2014- 20ft(6mtrs) including the rear deck. Tassie Oak frames, stringers, huon and gabon marine ply with 3mm ply laminate and stained top decks and sides. Holden 308 V8 (5ltr). I bought the plans for the bonanza back in 2010. started framing for this build in 2011 and quickly ran out of room. Luckily in 2012 I was able to build a bigger shed in the backyard to accommodate the build and the hull was started in early 2013. Mid 2013 I really got enthused and spent at least 10 hours every week on the build. Total hours to date is about 400, probably another 20hours to go on a couple more final coats and bits and pieces, but it is in the water and we will use it for the rest of summer and I will put it back in the shed this winter to work thru all the final trimmings and any bugs we find after it is

Bonanza by Eric Hughes, Holbrook, New York

2012 October Update Plans are great and I am having a blast! September 2012 First frame ready for my \"Little Miss\"

Bonanza by Darroll McLaughlin, Freemont, California

The Bonanza II was built during the winter of 1966 by Darroll McLaughlin and these photos were taken in front of our house September of \'67 in Fremont, CA. Bonanza II is powered with a \'56 V-8 Buick Century engine and propelled with a Berkley Pump. The deck is African Mahogany with Zebra Wood enlayed veneer. The boat trailer was also built by Darroll McLaughlin.

Bonanza by Laurence A Dyer, Sisters, Oregon

Glen-L Bonanza as built by Laurence Dyer, November 2006

Bonanza by Shane Robinson\'s Dad and Grandpa, Walnut Creek, California

23 May 2006 My name is Shane Robinson and I wanted to share some pictures of my boat. This is the 17 ft Bonanza. It was built in 1962-1963 by my grandpa and my dad. It has a 1959 chevy 283 with powerpack heads, 1965 Corvette intake and carb and Corvette valve covers. I put an ISKY cam and Mallory dual point distributor in it. I was clocked going 42 MPH with the stock cam and distributor. Now it will outrun a new ski Sanger with a 350.


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