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Bullet by Art Shand, Big Canoe, Georgia

Construction photos of a Glen-L Bullet build

Bullet by Matt Heaney, New Zealand

My name is Matt Heaney (23). I am currently building a Bullet, and I thought I would send you some pics of the construction so far... I am a timber joiner and I work for my father, so I was able to use our joinery factory to construct my boat. I recieved the plans early December, and orgainzed the materials so that I had everything ready before we go on holiday here in New Zealand. We have a good 3 weeks for summer holidays so I planned to get the hull off the building form by the end of the holidays, which I managed to do. I started on 26 December and as of now (25 January) I have done most of the hull appart from minor fillings prior to fibre glassing and am currently installing the coamings. The boat is looking good so far; can\'t wait to get in in the water.

Bullet by Bob Rathert,  Illinois

Here are some pictures of a boat I originally built back in 2002. After studying a lot of other boats on the Internet I thought I would try to do some wood inlay on my old project (THE BULLET). I used cedar and white pine which is easy to find in my area, southern Illinois. Bob Rathert

Bullet by Jack Lundquist

Bullet by Jack Lundquist, Las Vegas, Nevada 21 February 2010 These photos show several of the topside modifications I made. I made a roll bar to place some stereo speakers on; additionally it will hold a padded head rest.

Bullet by Mark and Luke Finnila

Bullet by Mark & Luke Finnila April 17, 2008

Bullet by Will Hopkins and Ryan Flake

Bullet by Will Hopkins and Ryan Flake North Augusta, South Carolina October 30, 2008 We have been more than pleased with your Bullet boat plans. My son Will and his friend Ryan built the Bullet over the past year and coated it with automotive spray paint. I hope you like the results as much as we do. Thanks for your support. Bullet by Will Hopkins and Ryan Flake North Augusta, South Carolina

Bullet by John Fletcher

Bullet by John Fletcher, Villas, New Jersey 5 April 2011 Here are some photos of the Bullet I built in my shed in Villas NJ. It was alot of fun and I can\'t wait for the next build. Thank you!!!


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