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Bull's-Eye by Fernando Correia, Brazil

May, 14, 2019

Bull's-Eye by Rick Whitaker, Blaine, Washington

20 January 2014 - I am an amateur small-boat builder; my most recent project was a Glen-L 11-foot Bull’s-Eye sailing dinghy. Two other projects are a 15-ft "Merry Wherry" rowing skiff (2006) and a 20-ft kayak, Pygmy Osprey (1999). All projects are stitch and glue, which is I believe the best boat-building technique for amateur boat builders with limited patience and skill, and yield a very light, strong and seaworthy product. I was very pleased with the Glen-L huge catalog of boat designs, the plans and parts/materials catalog, and the encouragement from your website. I made a few modifications to the Bull’s-Eye, for example: re-designed the rudder for a kick-up type, removed some weight from the transom, added access hatches in the flotation chambers, added a self-bailer and laminated the thwart with alternating strips of mahogany and yellow cedar. I made the sails, after buying a couple of very good $10 how-to booklets published by Sailrite, and some of the hardware (Dacron tape, special grommets, headboard, battens etc.), and they work pretty well. The boat is a bit wet to sail, and a good challenge for this old codger to handle in a fresh breeze.

Bulls-Eye by Louis Neill, Round Rock, Texas

June 27, 2008 We have \"finished building\" the Bullseye.... What a great boat!!!! What a great father son project!!!!! We did some mods to the boat..... I changed the inner and outer sheer.... using a light colored piece of mahogany in the middle.... We cut and filed a notch in the dagger board so when you beach the boat you can use a bungee cord to hold the dagger board in the \"up position\"...... I\'m going to modify the rudder and make it kickup..... By the way we used the System Three Paint....it\'s awesome!!!!.... what a great paint..... easy to apply.... easy to cleanup.... saves money on solvents for cleaning spray equipment....doesn\'t attrach bugs like other paints!!!!!

Bulls Eye by  Ira Stein , Northfield, NJ

BULL\'S EYE / Ira Stein / Northfield, NJ / 3-21-03: Thank you for inquiring. I began the project in December 2001 and completed the boat in March 2002. I\'ve taken pictures and kept a log during construction but haven\'t had time to organize that. The boat came out very well (if I must say so myself). Its called Sea Nile too. I\'ve only had it in the water a couple of times and am hoping for more water time this season. The building method is so forgiving that even a rank novice as myself was able to build a very solid and good looking craft. My neighbor is an avid sailboat racer (J-150) and marvelled at the fair lines good looks of Sea Nile.

Bulls Eye by  André Moos

Bull\'s Eye by André Moos 28 September 2006

Bulls Eye by Brian Pierce

Bull\'s-Eye by Brian Pierce

Bulls  Eye by E.L. Anderson

Date: 21 April 2000 From: EL Anderson To: Gayle Brantuk Gayle: Attached is a photo of the Bulls Eye just finished. Well... not quite. Supposed to be a sailboat but daughter decided she didn\'t want one after all, so finished as a row boat. She is a beauty. My previous one was the Rowme. I gave \'em both to an underprivileged children\'s camp. Have now started on the Dory...

Bulls Eye by Mark Chadwick

Bull's Eye by Mark Chadwick

Bulls Eye by Kevin R. Sprague

Aug. 29, 1999 Dear GLEN-L Just finished the Bulls-Eye three weeks ago and have already sailed her for the first time. She is a very lively little boat especially with the sloop-rig. Summer is winding down here in the midwest but we are already looking to next summer. My children will be old enough to begin learning the basics soon and the Bulls-Eye is just the right size. This is my second stitch-and-glue project and I can\'t say enough good things about this process. It allows amateur builders like myself to create boats that turn out very nicely as I hope can be seen in the enclosed pictures. Thanks again. Kevin R. Sprague and family

Bulls Eye by Mark Fouweather

Bull's-Eye by Mark Fouweather, Melbourne, Australia 7 June 2009 I had never built anything from scratch before let alone a boat; however with the plans from Glen-L and the DVD I am now the proud owner of the Glen-L Bull\'s-Eye (all I need now is a small motor). I have always had a passion for boats and my second favourite thing is watching NCIS. As I sit here watching NCIS wondering what type of boat Gibbs is building I happily googled away. I could not believe my eyes when I found out it was none other than Glen-L. I can’t begin to say how happy I am and I am now looking forward to taking on my next project, any guesses as to what I will build next?


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