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Cabin Skiff by Ramon Martinez, Caguas, Puerto Rico

February 2014 I'm building the cabin Skiff I had to stop building for a few years when moved to Orlando, Florida but have continued working on it every time I travel to Puerto Rico. My plan is to finish it and make some sea trials before the end of this year (2014). The engine will be a 2003 40-hp Johnson. Will continue posting pictures as the project progresses.

Cabin Skiff by Tony Young, Kent, United Kingdom

Photos Updated 15 May 2012

Cabin Skiff by Ed Skulski , Buffalo, NY

I always wanted to build a boat... Hi, Getting pretty close to having the boat done. I\'ve attached a few photos. Since the pictures I have completed the bulwark sheers. The cabin sole and deck is teak from an old swim platform I had from a previous boat. I laid it in epoxy as outlined in the Gougeon Bros. manual. I made the louvered doors on the rear bulkhead from mahogany, also a louvered cabin door (not installed yet). It\'s been a lot of fun and kept me busy for 5 years. Planned launch date is next spring. I’m thinking about a sailboat next. Thanks Ed

Cabin Skiff by Jock Doss , Pt. Reyes, CA

Dear Glen-L, Here are some photos of my recently completed Cabin Skiff. I found your plans easy to use, very complete and the support from your staff excellent. I used WEST System epoxy and marine plywood throughout, with mahogany for the solid wood pieces. I installed a 40 hp 4-stroke Yamaha on her and have found this motor to be perfectly adequate and able to bring the boat up on plane, even with 4 adults and a lot of heavy gear. Overall I am very pleased with her performance and sea-keeping abilities. Thanks for the great design and all the support to build her. Regards, Jock Doss Pt Reyes, CA

Cabin Skiff by Daniel F. Becker , Baton Rouge, LA

Subject: Cabin Skiff near completion Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 12:52:14 -0500 Hi. I am pleased to send pictures of the construction of the Cabin Skiff kit. Thanks for a great kit and advise. More pictures to come after the 50 Hp Suzuki 4-stroke is installed. Regards, Daniel F. Becker Baton Rouge, LA

Cabin Skiff by John Kingeter , Alaska

Subject: Cabin Skiff Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 13:39:05 -0800 Dear Glen - L, 10 years ago I built this Cabin Skiff from your plans. It plied the waters of Kodiak, Alaska for 1 year and the waters of SE Alaska for the last 9 years. It\'s a fish killing machine and is still as solid as a rock. 2 - 3 years ago, I visited Glen-L in California and you were kind enough to give me a tour. I promised to send you some pictures. She\'s 10 years old and needs new cosmetics (paint, varnish, etc.) but here are the pictures. Enjoy, John Kingeter

Cabin Skiff by Al Seymour Jr. , Bermuda

Subject: Bermuda Cabin Skiff Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 15:28:45 -0400 Dear Sirs/Madame, I had the pleasure of building a Cabin Skiff some seven years ago, and launched in 1996. I have had many years of fishing pleasure on this craft. Unfortunately I recently have had to remove the entire hard top minus the windshield due to wood-rot. I cut the roof beams out of spruce and did not fiberglass the surfaces. I would suggest to any novice building this design, to fiberglass EVERY exposed surface. Interestingly enough, I used pressure treated pitch pine, for most of the cleats, and that lumber is in pristine condition. The hull, after all these years is also in pristine condition. I have attached a picture taken in the summer of 2000 to add to the ones you already have (in the Boat Design Catalog section). I am about to begin the restoration of the hard top. Any suggestions you have would be most welcome. Best Regards, Al Seymour Jr.

Cabin Skiff by Ray Macke

Subject: Cabin Skiff Project Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2000 From: Ray Macke Attached are a few photos of my Cabin Skiff project. I incorporated several modifications which included stretching to 18\', moving forward decks up to top of bulwarks, changing cabin & berth shape and making the windshields tilt open for ventilation. I started the project on 10/26/99 and slid it off the trailer for the maiden voyage on 7/22/00. There is still a lot of work to do. The idea was to float it so I could find the waterline. I plan to paint the sides of the hull blue but the Easypoxy is only going down to about 2 inches above the water. Problem is I have been having so much fun cruising around I haven\'t been able to force myself to stop long enough to get it painted. As of 8/4/00 I have about 9 hours on it and the trip long on my speedometer shows 102 miles. I haven\'t had enough time to really nail down the performance numbers yet but this is what it is looking like so far. With the new Honda 50 hp four stroke I find it will plane at about 17 or 18 mph. Top speed is 30 mph. I built the Cabin Skiff with the intention of doing some long river cruises and good fuel economy is essential because fuel facilities are scarce. I am equipped with Horizon\'s Speed/Trip meter and their Fuel Flow meter. What it is showing me is at 21 mph I am burning 2.1 gph which equals 10 mpg. At 25 mph it goes to 2.6 gph or 9.6 mpg. At full throttle 30 mph the burn is 3.3 which equals 9 mpg. Again these numbers are preliminary as I still am fine tuning both the instruments and the Skiff but so far I am quite pleased. I must say I get a LOT of looks from other boaters. You just don\'t see anything like the Cabin Skiff on the rivers here in the midwest. Also, in one of the photos you seethe trailer and I built it from Glen-L\'s plans. Everyone that sees it is surprised when they find out it is not a \"factory\" job. If anyone is interested in the building process they can visit my web site at . It tracks my progress from the beginning with lots of photos and text (also has a section on building the trailer). I will continue to update it as the project continues with both building info and my impressions of the Skiff. My biggest concern at this point is getting it done. I have enjoyed the process so much I hate to see it come to an end!

Cabin Skiff by Scott Amos, Smith\'s Island, Bermuda

Subject: Boat photos Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 From: S Amos Hi There, I finally got a digital camera to use so am able to show you my first boat. Here she is 5 years after launch now and still as much fun as the day it went over. I wish I had a place to build a bigger boat now. The \"Wasted Seaman\" is built to the plans for the stitch and glue Cabin Skiff. The The lines are of the original plans stretched another 2 feet to 18 feet 3 inches. Other additions include the continuation of the side decking aft to meet the aft bulkhead so as to facilitate the installation of flushmount rod holders and also the addition of a pulpit and bow roller. She is used extensively for deep sea fishing off Bermuda for tuna and Wahoo as well as for spearfishing and lobster diving trips around our reefs. Lots of fun in a small package. Thanks again Glen-L for some great plans, instructions and advise whenever I needed it. Scott Amos Bermuda

Cabin Skiff by Scott Vaitones,  Winthrop, ME

Letter: 23 December 1997 Dear Glen-L, ....please find enclosed pictures of your Cabin Skiff that I built two years ago. I liked what I saw in the hull lines and then modified the interior to function as an open Center Console boat. (GL note: The Cabin Skiff and Console Skiff are the same hulls except that the Cabin Skiff has an extra bulwark for additional hull depth) To make the hull rigid, I epoxied 1\" blue rigid foam to the interior sides of the hull with 1\" x 1\" ribs every two feet. I then epoxied red cedar clapboards onto the blue foam and screwed them to the 1\" x 1\"\'s. This created an incredibly stiff hull. I also used 2\" x 6\"s\' for the floor stringers to increase the stiffness. The result is a boat that weighs 1000 lbs. and logged over 1500 miles this past summer on the Maine coast. I specifically built it heavy to soften the ride and have been delighted with the results. We receive comments on the lines and beauty everywhere we go! I have a 40 hp long shaft Johnson on the boat and it easily planes with two people and its maximum speed is 30 mph. Building from your plans with stitch and glue was incedibly easy! I would recommend it to anyone! Thank you, Scott Vaitones (Winthrop, ME) (GL note: At the 350 lbs. designed weight, speed potential would be greater.)


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