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Coaster by John Hurd, Roseville, CA

Dear Mr. Witt, As explained, I am a real fan of Glen-L Designs. I have built the Chessie Flyer and the Gypsy to date. I also purchased numerous study plans and complete plans for the James Cook before deciding the boat was not for me. I spent several hours looking at the Kodiak before deciding the Coaster was the next project for me. I bought a set of plans for the Coaster and wanted to see if the rig (main and jib) from the Chessie Flyer would work on the Coaster. I built a model of the Coaster with as much detail as I could. The sails seem to be properly streched on the models. I also compared the centers of effort for the two sets of sails and they appear to be plus or minus 3 inches. We discussed the CLR but I could not find it on the drawings. By the way the combined sail areas are very similar for the two rigs. .....I hope you enjoy these photographs.... Sincerely, John Hurd

Coaster by Jimmy Scarr

Coaster by Jimmy Scarr, Marietta, Georgia 15 June, 2009 Here are Dad\'s pictures of his boat. He is really a remarkable man and my brother and I really admire his determination. -- Bob Scarr


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