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Console Skiff by Gary Sage, Saint Maries, Idaho

February 2016 Update November, 2015 - Painted at last! ----- I lost track of the countless hours I have spent fairing and sanding...But Well aside from all of our trials and tribulations here is were I am today, September the 6th, 2015...Painting is coming soon for the hull, consoles, and aft seating/storage and splash well.. I have made boxes for a porta pottie and one for storage with side seats on top but not shown. P.S. I am having a guy paint for me and he said that I picked the hardest color imaginable to apply...Metallic Pewter Gray. July, 2015 I thought you might like to see my labor of love...

Console Skiff by Norman Tyler , Spring Valley, CA

Subject: Picture of Norm Tyler console skiff Date: 19 February 2004 Just to give you an idea of what I am doing with that fiberglass fabric I requested in the previous correspondence. Best regards, Norman Tyler

Console Skiff by Greg Slakov

Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 22:18:26 -0700 From: Greg Slakov I thought you might be interested in this photo of my baby. I have used her every weekend since launching in March 2000, and have had many great days with her and my family. Regards, Greg Slakov

Console Skiff by Mark Newman ,  Wilmington, DE

End of Aug, 00 Hi Glen-L gang, My name is Mark Newman from Wilmington, Deleware. Just completed a Console Skiff. This is my second boat, the first being a Duck Boat Too (in your Archives). This skiff took 9 months to give birth to, working on it after work and weekends. It goes together pretty fast compared to conventional, but it\'s still boat building, which is a slow process with many, many, many, many, steps. What\'s nice about stitch and glue is the same thing that\'s bad, that there\'s no real skill required. Big gap, doesn\'t quite fit... no problem mon, just mix up some putty. And putty I did mix! I am the putty king. I used 16 gallons of epoxy. One gallon just to set the keel.

Console Skiff by Dan Hehn

3 May 2005 Here is a set of pictures for my completed Console Skiff with the optional bulwarks. The boat was a joy to build. The plans, instructions and your support made this boat easy to build. I chose the Console Skiff for a number of reasons. I wanted a boat that I could use primarily for fishing in freshwater lakes and protected ocean waters of New England. I wanted a boat that was light enough to tow behind just about any vehicle. I wanted a semi-v hull that would work well with a moderate size outboard. I wanted a boat with traditional looks. The Console Skiff met all of the criteria. I also considered the Jimbo, but I basically fell in love with the sheer line of the Console Skiff. I started construction in August of 2003. I completed most of the work and had the boat in the water in August of 2004. However, it wasn\'t until this spring that I truly completed the boat. The boat performs beyond my original expectations. I installed a 1985 Mercury 50hp outboard that my family has owned since it was new. This engine has proven to be a good match for this boat. Per my GPS, the boat runs about 33 mph at WOT with one person in the boat. With 2-3 adults, the boat hits 30 mph at WOT. I don\'t have a tach on the boat and, therefore, I am guessing that the prop selection is correct. As previously noted in a Glen-L webletter, I have had my entire large family in the boat and it handled it without hesitation. At that time, we had 2 adults, 5 small children and a small dog in the boat. The boat popped right up on plane. Given the age of the engine, I am happy with the performance. If I were to purchase a new engine for this boat, I would go with a 40hp 4 stroke. I have used the boat in local freshwater lakes as well as protected ocean waters. Like any boat of similar size/weight (it is a very light boat!), you need to slow down in chop for comfort, but it has handled real 2\' waves without a problem. On one occassion, I was passed by several Navy patrol boats running up Narragansett Bay. It was fun to watch until I realized that they left a series of 5\' wakes behind them. I turned the boat into the wakes, gave a little throttle to get the nose up and road them out without a problem. I basically followed the plans for the boat. The only real deviation was the width of the motorwell. I increased the width of the motorwell to 30\" to accomodate the steering gear. If I were to do it again, I think I would stick to the planned width and make a notch for steering gear clearence. It was quite a bit a work (mentally and physically) to widen the motorwell and my aft storage compartments are a little smaller than plan. I also installed a 11.5 gallon permanent tank located under the front seat of the console. This was a modification I completed in the spring of 2005. To install the tank, I cut the floor under the console front seat and fabricated a recessed area to hold the tank. Lastly, I used a different design for the console. It is a simple console design that is working well. Dan Hehn

Console Skiff by Chris Prier, Palmerston North, New Zealand

August 2014 Update I have added a couple of photos of the Centre Console skiff, now in the water. I must find time to create a blog and upload a lot of photos over the construction. You might note I have made a lot of small tweaks to the design in reference to the Transom and the Bow. Just thought I would mix up a bit of a Modern and Traditional look. Anyway, goes really well. Photos Posted 31 May 2012 My Console Skiff is coming along now and I\'m starting to think about the next project. I am thinking about a Mahogany Rivera or Monaco.

Console Skiff by Matt Marzullo , FL

Building the Console Skiff Let me start by saying I would like to give a special thanks to the other builders that helped me thru the project. Dan Hehn, Gary Solmi who both did a wonderful job on their CS\'s, the staff from Glen-L, particularly Allyn Perry and Barry Witt and of course the guidance from all the great guys from the Boat Builders Forum. The project started in May of 2005 and was completed in February 2006 working mainly on the weekends. I tried to stick as close as possible to the original design as that is what inspired me to build the Console Skiff. The modifications that I made were widening the motor well to 30 inches to accommodate the new style steering systems. Installing a custom 18 gallon aluminum gas tank below the forward sole between the long boards and modifying the console to making it taller and angling the backrest to make it more comfortable for whoever was sitting on the front seat. On its maiden voyage I have received numerous comments on the look of the boat, while returning home I was approached at a traffic light by someone who asked \"who manufactured that boat\" I explained to him that I had built it. He then asked me if I would consider building another one for him. We traded phone numbers and he called me yesterday to discuss pricing. How cool is that… I\'m not sure that I will actually do it mainly because I\'d be concerned about liability issues, however it is worth considering. The boat is powered with a 2006 Evinrude E-TEC 50hp motor and the performance of the boat is fantastic, at 4500 RPM it turns 40 knots and handles great. If I were to build another the only other modification that I would make is adding another inch or so to the depth of the skeg as I feel this would make slow speed maneuvering even better in windy conditions. The raised bulwarks really help keep the boat dry. I\'m not new to woodworking but there is something to be said about boat building, it\'s just so rewarding compared to other forms of woodworking. I\'m sure that I will be building another Glen-L design soon. Matt Marzullo JF Woodworks

Console Skiff by Andy Erskine , Ballina, NSW, Australia

25 Feb 2006 I\'m sending these photos of our recently completed Console Skiff. She started life as a Cabin Skiff but as the construction slowly progressed (over 15 years!) my family grew, to the point where they wouldn\'t all fit if I\'d kept the cabin. So the cabin was done away with but the raised bulwark and deck were retained. I believe this keeps the boat drier than otherwise and the deck gives us a handy little area for rigging lines etc. \"Ourway\" is powered by a 50hp 2 stroke Tohatsu (fitted with hydrofoil) and performs beautifully. We plan a long life of exploring the rivers of Northern NSW and Queensland. I\'d be happy to correspond with other builders and to share my experiences. Your patterns were easy to follow, a tip that I can share is to use a leatherwork stitching marker to roll over the plan lines, they will be transferred in a line of easily seen dots to the ply. Thanks a lot. Andy Erskine Ballina. NSW. Australia.

Console Skiff by Michael Bonaiuto, Peabody, Massachusetts

I began my Glen-L Console Skiff build in Oct of 2005 and expect to be in the water this spring 07. It has been an enjoyable build and I cannot help but look at other Glen-l designs for my next project.

Console Skiff by Bill Arnold, Fort Collins, Colorado

27 May 2007 I am building a Console Skiff, and yesterday, turned the boat over. I have attached some pictures that show how one can get the boat off a trailer and ready for three strong boys to turn the boat over. I thought some readers might like to see the process. I have to work in my garage due to limited yard size. My wife and I cannot lift the boat to do the work. After the third picture, the boys turned the boat over onto the saw horses. Take care, Bill Arnold Well, I ordered the plans for my Console Skiff on March 20, 2007. My wife and I launched the boat today, July 5, 2007. Building the boat was a joy. You provided all the orders in great shape, and on time. Thanks! I have attached three pics that show the finished boat. Our launching drew a nice crowd, and several people commented on the nice design. The boat handled exceptionally well throughout all the usual manuevers. It got up on plane with just a 9.9 HP Honda (my wife and I are not heavy and the boat is light). We will use the boat for fishing locally and just going for picnics on the water. I modified the console so people have a handhold when going from front to back, or otherwise. I made my own steering wheel, and I moved the front seat forward so a cooler and fishing bags could fit between the seat and the console and leave a path for our dog to do his laps. I left off the windshield to lower the profile. I might add a fish finder in its place.Again, thanks for a great set of plans, fine service, and a terrific design.

Console Skiff by Bruce Spath, Tarpon Springs, Florida

The console skiff I built in 1999 is still going strong. I get a lot of double takes and compliments from local fishing guides on it.

Console Skiff by Ólafur Guðnason, Reykjavík, Iceland

I have known of Glen-L since 1996 when I bought a catalogue with pictures of the boat which I liked so much. It was in 2003 that I decided to order drawings of Console Skiff from Glen-L. I also ordered the video and a book how to build it, and it took me three years. I started in 2003 and finished in 2006. Ever since I have been using the boat on Lake Þingvellir (Þingvallavatn) where I have my summer cottage. The lake is the biggest and most beautiful lake in Iceland. I frequently visit the Glen-L Forum where people exchange stories and information about boatbuilding and it helped me a lot. I modified the drawing a little as can been seen on these images.

Console Skiff by Gary Solmi, Oakland, Oregon

Last Updated 21 January 2014

Console Skiff by Glenn Stoltz, Madisonville, Louisiana

February 2014 Update The project got put on the back burner for a while due to my daughters (2) getting married. Back in full swing now and should be posting additional pictures and finishing soon.

Console Skiff by Matt Scott, Portland, Oregon

Custom built 16.5 Glen-L designed Console Skiff with raised bulwarks option featured in Wooden Boat Magazine. Project started in 1996 and was completed around 98 or 1999. Both motors are newer. Stored in a heated garage and maintained as needed. Varnish and entire interior was completely redone last winter. 40 horse power Honda 4-stk. motor. Solid runner without a scratch. Not super fast but incredibly fuel efficient. (I have made the 100 mile run from Portland to Astoria on 12 gallons of gas). 4 horse power 4-stk. Merc. Without a scratch / trolls 10 hours on a gallon of gas. Very low hours. 8 gallon fuel tank that seems to last for about 4-5 springer trips. Running lights, lighted gauges (tach, speedo, hour meter), lighted / gimbaled compass, 12v receptacle bilge pump, Hummingbird B&W fish finder & GPS chart plotter, Apelco VHF, 5 Fish on rod holders. Great storage in stern seats, bow compartment and custom console. EZ Loader galvanized trailer with LEDs and bearing buddies. Light weight and easy to tow with most any vehicle and fits in a standard garage.

Console Skiff by Greg Mournahan

Console Skiff by Greg Mournahan, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada September 30, 2008 This project was started on the console skiff in May 2007. The blueprints were adjusted to enlarge the boat to 17 feet 6 inches. Sprayrails were added to the boat which was a real bonus in the end.


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