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Cruisette by Louis Gauci, Fgura, Malta

November 2013 Update Last photo was shot with the 3.0LX mercruiser engine. now it has a 5.7 vortec one - kept same leg and changed gear to 1.5 ratio. kept same propeller - vengeance 17 pitch. very economical at 32lph going at 3200rpm - 26knots. September 2013 My completed Glen-L Cruisette, lengthened to nearly 18 feet. Freeboard was increased and deck added thus giving 6-ft. headroom. 3.0LX 4 cylinder engine; I would have been better off with a 6-cylinder, but I am quite satisfied with the 4 since she cruises at 23 mph and gets 28 mpg flat out. Entire boat was covered with epoxy and sprayed; a tough job but really worth it.

Cruisette by Mark Coleman, El Mirage, Arizona

Update 26 March 2013 So, Peyton and I went out last Friday thru Sunday and the Mini Hemi performed beautifully. The bilge pumps never kicked on and she did quite well in some very chopping water on Sunday (it was even too windy for sailboats). The fishing is still slow but I’m a stubborn son-of-a-gun. Except for some finish details (which will never really end) I think she is basically complete. So, since I received my fist batch of wood on Sept 11, 2012, I put the build time at approximately 5 ½ months. Thanks for all of your help and advice. I also started working on my Power-Row skiff last night and completed the construction form this morning before work. I don’t think it will take me as long as the Cruisette – I’ll keep you posted as things progress (I leaning towards the name “Eazy Peazy” – depending on how easy it is to complete). Update 5 February 2013 I liked the newsletter blurb – share the happiness. We (me and the first mate), spent our first night on the water on Saturday and everything went great. Very minimal water leakage and I was enjoying it so much that I actually missed the 1st quarter of the Super bowl. Still haven’t landed a fish on the Hemi but I’m going to give it another try this weekend. Here are a few new pics including one of the Glen L burgee in action. Looking forward to getting the GLEN L 14 plans! Update 7 January 2013 I still have some internal trim and some work to do on the final external finish but she’s just about done! I took it out yesterday evening to try out the new lights and horns and Peyton and I had a blast. 6 December 2012 I’ve been making good progress on the cabin and was able to get the Hemi out on the water yesterday. I like the way she handles with the additional weight and I didn’t want to pull her out to go home! I get my side windows tomorrow and hope to have them installed by the end of the weekend – I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m considering building the Water Lodge after I finish the Cruisette and possibly relocating to a local lake. 27 November 2012 Just wanted to give an update – I worked non-stop over the long holiday weekend (with some turkey breaks of course). I got all the wiring, decking and deck hardware installed. Last evening I started working on the cabin walls, so the final form is coming together. I hope to take her out for a spin tomorrow afternoon. November 2012 I want to slightly redesign the cabin to make it resemble (kind of) Ernest Hemingway’s boat. Anyway, I finished the hull and we flipped her last night. – very exciting! I can’t wait to get it in the water - more updates as that day approaches. I still am a little dumbfounded by the beauty of the “Mini Hemi”.

Cruisette by Ernst & Thomas Burkhard, Switzerland

March 2003 Our Cruisette had her launch mid of March 2002 and received her seaworthiness certificate in May 2002. At the moment the beauty has been around 70 hours in use - most on lake Zurich but also some hours on the river Rhine.

Cruisette by Jim Dyck

Cruisette by Jim Dyck, Chilliwack, BC, Canada September 18, 2008 Here are a few pictures of my Cruisette. This is a great little boat that gets many compliments both in and out of the water. We have it powered by a 1957 Evinrude Lark 35 Hp outboard. Lots of fun!

Cruisette by Graeme Macintosh

Cruisette by Graeme MacIntosh, Tobique Narrows, New Brunswick, Canada August 31, 2009 Here are 3 photos of the first of 5 boats my father Graeme MacIntosh built in 1962.


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