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Dinky by Pete Carpenter, Payson, Arizona

February 2013 This is the story of the A. T. Frog. The Frog began life in November of 1995 as Glen-L Dinky #001 of the Santa Cruz River Boatworks in Tucson, Arizona. A person familiar with the Santa Cruz river in Tucson will tell you that the river is dry 99% of the time. The \"Boatworks\" consisted of a picnic table behind my RV in a park beside the river. I had very few tools available and had never built anything more complex than a bird house, but wanted a boat to carry on the back of the 5th wheel as we traveled. I know now that this craft was never intended for the type of punishment I was going to inflict on her, but rather a life of ease in the water between some fine yacht and the dock. That being said, for the next 10 years this little boat survived the pounding on roads all over North America, uncounted launchings, carryings, and dragging over rocks, sand, mud and whatever else stood between me and a place to fish. On two occasions she was \"launched\" from the back of a speeding pickup. Although damaged, the hull never failed or leaked and the fishing on those days was not delayed. In 2005 Frog was given a complete rebuild with heavier components and some metal on stress and launching wear points. She continued the RV life for another 2 years in fine shape and now enjoys a life of ease of fishing and as a work boat servicing pumps and aerators in our community lake. She is powered by oars or an ancient Shakespeare 606 electric boat motor that was purchased for $15.00 and runs on 6 or 12 volts. I have been very pleased with the durability and performance of this craft. Not pretty, but very tough!

Dinky by Tim Allen , Napa, CA

June 20, 2003 Howdy, Enclosed are pictures of the \"Dinky\". Also in one picture is the \"Can-Yak\" - I have enjoyed this boat a great deal. Tim Allen Napa, CA

Dinky by Andy Anderson

Subject: Dinky update Date: 3-3-03 Gayle...Barry: Well finally wired up and now the spreader and shears go in and then...gluing starts. Coming along pretty good (so far). She is a real breeze compared to my other projects. Like no butt blocks and only 7\'. I like that! Andy 4-3-03 Well ...here is the Dinky with 4 coats of paint on the outside. Now all I have to so is finish off is the inside. The outside will remain white with red trim on the shears (gunnels) and the present plans are to paint the inside Dolphin Blue. 4-20-03 Well here are the last pix of the finished Dinky...finally. This has been the easiest and most fun to build, of all the six previous boats, and in the shortest elapsed time (for me that is). Now all I have to do is figure out how to deliver it to the \"commodore\" (kid sister) in NC from FL where it will serve as her yacht club tender and retriever of, the occasional, stranded remote control sailboats. Andy


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