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Double Eagle built by Rafa Prohens, Chile

February 1, 2019 These photos are of the Double Eagle that was built in Chile by Rafael Prohens. It took me near two years. The cost to build was US $21,880. The name of the boat is Appaloosa and she went to the sea 23 January 2008

Double Eagle by Bobby Medina, Newport Beach, CA

29 August 2014 Here are some photos of my Glen-L Double Eagle that was completed in 2000.

Double Eagle Aluminum by Bill Zubko, Wallingford, Pennsylvania

Update February 2013 Hi to all at Glen-l... BillyZ here, just sending a few more pics of my double eagle in the water. What a great boat, and a super dive boat. I\'ll have to get some pics of it running and send them in, been playing with struts lately and am getting 4.8 kts at idle by the gps and the depth finder. at 10 kts it is up on plane with a nice flat wake behind 19 kts it cavitates a a handle on the problem and will take care of that this winter....guess I\'m a doodler, I think its fun. Right now I'm putting a diamond plate deck, new wheel house and 100 gallon fuel tank in a 26' North American (by Trojan). get my boat in the shop next. BillyZ. keep you posted.

Double Eagle by Ken Schott , Richmond Hill, GA

December 6, 2012 - Video & photo added (last page and photo)

Double Eagle WD by Gordon Groenevelt, Spring Lake, Michigan

The "Russell G", a Glen-L design built by Gordon Groenevelt of Spring Lake, Michigan.

Double Eagle by Col. Rob Bradley, Brisbane, Australia

This is our Double Eagle which we have built in Brisbane, Australia. The project was started in 2003 and because of a few health issues along the way, a house move, and building a new workshop at our new house its taken us until now to get to this stage. This boat has been an absolute joy to build and we are delighted at the result. The boat that you see here needs a final paint job, stainless steel bow rails and the spray rails fitted. The engine is a 53 HP inboard Diesel and it, together with the drive shaft, propeller and hydraulic steering is yet to be installed but we are getting there. When finished we will use it in open water about 20 miles due East of Brisbane at a place called Deep Tempest where we catch beautiful big Snapper. By the way, we estimate the boat should be capable of reaching about 14 knots for those of you who may be interested. If anybody wants more info just send me an email and I\'ll be happy to oblige.

Double Eagle by Mike Gorman

24 December 2007 A friend and I ordered Double Eagle plans from Glen-L in April 2001 with the intentions of building the boat. Things changed and we never got to do as planned. However, I over a period of the past 5 years have been working on a scaled down version. I used Plan sheets 1-5 and traced the boat parts from that using tracing paper, then transferred to craft wood and cut to shape, put together and am getting close to finishing. Attached are some photos of the results. One day hope to build full scale. Thanks Mike Gorman

Double Eagle by Joseph Parks

21 December 2010 Here are some pictures of a Double Eagle I built. Launched in 2003 with a Yanmar diesel.

Double-Eagle by James Warren, Apex NC

I would like to thank all of you for the help you gave me back in 1991 when I built my "Miss Lib" using the Double Eagle plans. It\'s been 16 years now and she is still a good hard working boat. I have had to replace her engine in 2003 with a 350 Barr V-8, other than that she has been good to me. I am seeding a picture of her I took this spring, she is a little beat-up but performs very well. I live in Apex, N.C and keep Her in Swansboro, N.C. Thanks again James Warren

Double Eagle by David Gehrke

1 Nov 2005 Here’s the Double Eagle-Aluminum. I stretched her to 25’ by re-spacing the stations and the added another 3’. I put a house on it because where I fish it’s not always nice. It’s pretty heavy since I used 3/16 bottom and 1/8 on the sides, .100 on the top freeman windows and hatches. She carries 100 gallons of fuel and 40 gallons of water, plus 15 hp Honda kicker hanging of the back, all powered by a Yamaha 115 4 stroke that gives it an easy, quiet 25 knots... It’s pretty sweet. Yours Truly David Gehrke

Double Eagle by Murat Danis Gökçen ,Göksumarin - Istanbul, Turkey

30 May 2005 Dear Sir, We are very pleased clients of Glen-L from Istanbul, Turkey. We just finished our latest boat from your plans of Double Eagle project. This is the second Double Eagle that we completed in Istanbul. Also we made two Kodiak\'s too. We made our boats with epoxy laminated marine plywood then fiberglassed the hulls. The original hull was extended by %10 to around 25 feet. The lay-out was a little bit modified as you can see in the pictures. There is a closed headroom in the cabin with a galley and v-berth. We choose Yanmar 55 hp diesel that forces the boat around 12-13 mph. The displacement of the boat is 2600 kg. with 140 L. of fuel, 100 L. of water and 50 L. of waste water tanks. We used high solid polyurethane paints and varnish. All the major woods are sapelli and iroko. Finally we had completed the boat in five months time. Sincerely, Murat Danis Gökçen Göksumarin - Istanbul


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