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Dyno Jet by Brad Dunn, Saint Louis, Missouri

October 2017 "Annie Lou 2" - Built over a two year period and completed in October 2017

Dyno Jet by Andy Marks , Holden, Massachusetts

13 June 2005 Design - Dyno Jet Builder - Andy Marks Location - Holden, Massachusetts Progress - Panels cut and stiched, encapuslated inside of panels, sheers installed, chines/stem have initial coating of Epoxy/filler, breasthook installed - so far I guess I would be at Day number 7. 9 September 2008 Pics of my finished DynoJet project. The pictures don\'t really do it justice as it came out awesome!

Dyno-Jet by Gordon Scrim , Asmania, Australia

11 July 2005 Our Dyno-Jet is now finished and has been officially launched! The motor and pump is from a 1988 650SX Kawasaki Jet-Ski - one of the stand up types. It is a 650cc engine and should produce about 50 HP. The boat reaches a speed of 35mph with one person on board and is a real hoot to drive fast up smaller twisting rivers. We have also towed two big kids on kneeboards with it. The boat is all marine ply with Tassie Oak (basically Gum trees) being used for the frames. The deck is made of 4mm thick planks of Tasmanian Blackwood with 6mm X 4mm Celery Top Pine strips in between. I have updated my web site of the boat showing some photos from on the water and on the land. I have also moved the web site to a new and larger home. It is now at http://www.ozsoft.com.au/splinter/default.htm . Also attached are some of the best photos of the finished boat that we have. I have lots of photos of the building process if anyone is interested. The best of them are one the web site. Regards Gordon Scrim Tasmania Australia

Dyno Jet by Frank Green

Dyno Jet by Frank Green May 26, 2008 I\'m at the point of installing the battons. I\'ve not started to cut up my JS-550 yet as it was not running when I bought it and I think it will be easier to troubleshoot the problems in the Jet Ski configuration. The \"donor\" jet ski


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