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Dyno Mite by Eugen Frunza, Ontario, Canada

Updated February 1, 2019 February 12, 2018 Probably it will cost me more than 7000 the whole enterprise including a trailer as well. Thank you again for all your work and your father work. It is a pleasure to build something with your own hands even for people like me that are not handymen.

Dyno Mite by Pete Bratten

Here are some pictures of the outboard version of Dyno Mite that my dad and I built. We had built "Cruisette" back in 1968 and it was a great experience for my dad and me. Well, much later in life, I talked my dad into building another boat. It proved once again to be a great father/son bonding experience as I watched my dad get excited about something again in his twilight years and gave us a great reason to spend time together. Even my dog tried to help [too much], so we had to promise to let her drive so she would leave us alone long enough to let us finish! The boat is a real eye catcher/conversation piece on the water. Keep those boats floating! Pete Bratten

Dyno Mite by  Harald Nergaard  ,  Norway

Subject: Dyno Mite PIC. Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 Hi Glen-L ! I am a 20 year old boy from Norway. I ordered the Dyno Mite plans and patterns in Jan-Feb 2003, and now finaly the boat is \"soon\" (?) to be finished. Since there are no picuteres of the Dyno Mite yet, I thought I could send you some. The boat is made a bit diferent from the drawings. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to build a boat! Greatings from Harald Nergaard Norway !

Dyno Mite by Odd Ivar Lindlov, Moss, Norway

October 2015 Just completed a Dyno Mite build (was planning the Dyno Jet but getting ahold of a decent jet pump / motor in Norway is way too difficult) with some slight modifications; put the tank in front to have a place to put the kids at the back. Have a 20 HP (1986 Mercury, refurbished) on it, gives me 29 mph (have tried both 11 and 13 pitch prop, no notable difference). The boat performs excellent on the water, tight and nice turns, fast acceleration, performs well in small chops and a real eye –catcher. Would like to have the possibility for some more speed and less noise, so a possible change to a 30 HP Suzuki lean burn 4 stroke (only a few kilos more than the merc I use today) might happen. However, these boats look best with a US motor and not these Japanese motors. The plans was easy to follow and the website is excellent, including the blog.


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