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Eagle WD by Jose Reis ,S. J. Campos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

EAGLE-WD / Jose Reis / S. J. Campos, Sao Paulo, Brazil / 7-18-04: I have been building my EAGLE since March/2004. All frames and bulkheads are already finished, including the Transom. The next steps will be the building form, set up the frames and bulkheads in place and begin building the hull. I will start working on this building form next week. I decided to modify the Transom: instead of using a flat 3/4\" plywood, as explained on your plans, I decided to build a curved Transom, like the traditional lobsterboat... much more beautiful. Instead of using 3/4\" plywood, I covered the Transom with the same \"strip-planking\" method of the hull. The result was very good, as you can check on the attached photos.


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