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Glen-L 14 by Billy Budge, Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada

November 2017 Update We are under sail at last! I am more than pleased at the way this boat performs. She points high into the wind and stands up well in a stiff breeze. One can easily see that she was well designed. Not only does she sail well, but dang it ----- she looks good doing it! Don't you agree? A final thank you for all your support in building the Glen-L 14 sailboat. My wife and I are getting lots of sailing in and enjoying how well she sails. The local Sydney newspaper may be doing a story on my boat,. the "Blue Wave" and if that happens I will send you a copy of the article. January 2017 I've been busy! I received your plans for the Glen-l 14 ft. sailboat on the 30th of November and this is where I am now in construction on January 12th. The plans were very accurate and therefore had no problems at all. It has been a lot of fun working at it in my basement up here in this cold Nova Scotia. Here we are at 41 days into the project and ready for some varnish and painting before I install the seats and flooring. I covered the deck with marine plywood as per the plans and then recovered it with 3 inch strips of plywood butted together on a 5 degree angle to provide space for filling to give it a ship-like appearance. I think it will look rather nice when it is stained and varnished. I had a lot of fun building this boat made easy with the very accurate and detailed plans provided by Glen-L. Skeptical builders might like to know what can be done in such a short time working solo and still taking your time.

Glen-L 14 by Bob Walters, Grand Rapids, Michigan

February 2015 Converted to a powered center console. August 29, 2008- These are pictures of our first sail after 2 years plus of a most enjoyable experience. I really liked working out the details as this was my first boat project. We will be sailing in western Michigan.

Glen-L 14 by Bill Dezen, Penfield, NY

Attached is a photo taken this summer of my Glen-L 14 that I completed over the past 5 years. It was great building it and it is also great sailing it. We sail in Canandaigua Lake and motor on the Erie Canal here in Western New York. sincerely, Bill Dezen Penfield, NY

Glen-L 14 by John Bawduniak, Waco, Texas

This is a Glen-L 14 that I launched today. It is framed in mahogany, planked with marine ply, oak on the benches and rubrails, walnut covering boards. the sails were sewn by Becky Bawduniak from a Sailrite kit. John Bawduniak Waco, Texas

Glen-L 14 by Mark Park, North Wilkesboro, NC

May 6, 2008 I\'ve been working on my GL-14 with my two daughters for over a year now. We did make the frames but I can not find the images from that stage.

Glen-L 14 by Markus Tessmann , Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

28 Nov 2005 Glen-L 14, Markus Tessmann, Salt Spring Island B.C. Canada I intercepted my Glen-L 14 on it\'s way to the scrap yard! It had been donated to the local Sea Scouts, but turned out to be too small, and in need of too much repair to make it worth their while. I wasn\'t sure about taking it on either, but was convinced by the aluminium mast and boom, and the two almost brand new sails! Last summer (04) I removed all the rotten decking, seats and flooring and sanded the hull down through all the paint. I coated the hull with epoxy, and put new fibreglass on the keel and chines, dealing with the really bad spots with extra fibreglass and epoxy. I built a new deck, new seats and new flooring, beefed up the transom and added floatation as well. The Glen-L web site was very helpful for this, my first boat building project. We launched her this spring (named Samgita) and my wife, 2 sons and I have sailed her almost every weekend (and often I\'ll go mid-week)! We\'ve gone camping in her too and look forward to many years of fun on this boat! She is moored in the ocean about 2 blocks from my home on Salt Spring Island (near Victoria, British Columbia) from about May to October. I scrape the hull about every two weeks, to keep the barnacles and seaweed in check! I love this boat. Markus Tessmann

Glen-L 14 by Terry Hagell

Hi, I am Terry Hagell, I am updating my Glen-l 14 project. I have completed the boat and have sailed it 5 times. I am delighted with its performance. I would like to thank the people of Glen-l whose fine products and excellent advice made this a fun project. This was my first attempt at boat building and if I attempt another I will look to glen-l first. I have attached some pictures of the finished product. Happy sailing


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