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Glen-L 15 by Rick Karl, Deland, FL

June 26, 2019

Glen-L 15 by Jeff McKie, Toledo, OH

I started this project on 3/1/2011 and completed it (mostly) on 8/20/2011. Glen-L has been great to work with and I would appreciate seeing my photos on your website. I believe I got more than I gave to Glen-L. I have sailed as far as 20mi on an outing and it sails very well. Coming out of the Ottawa river I hit a huge crosswind and was knocked down mast to the water and I only got a small amount of water in the boat that I sponged out. I am thoroughly enjoying sailing as I did building. Thank you, Jeff McKie

Glen L 15 by Rob Edmondson

Glen-L 15 by Rob Edmondson, Rainier, Washington 31 July, 2009 I\'ve been working on my Glen-L 15 for several years off and on. Mostly I\'ve been working on it this year. It\'s a great design and we really love working on this boat. We\'ve made some minor changes that suit us and make the boat ours. Other than that though, we\'ve followed the plan.

Glen 15 by Dave Chumley

Glen-L 15 by Dave Chumley, Lavergne, Tennessee May 18, 2009 I’m getting a lot of enjoyment from the build of the Glen-L 15 and my 2 year old son loves to come out and help me.

Glen-15 by Rich Dufresne, Portland, Oregon

Glen-L: Exactly two years after receiving the plans in the mail, I launched \"Margarete\", a Glen-15. The 2 years includes demolishing and building a new garage, halfway through the project, as I decided my shop was too small. Your easy to follow plans and directions helped me feel like an old pro. The finished boat, and the response I get when showing her, are more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. The entire process has been a real confidence builder. When asked how long I worked on it, I reply zero hours; no work, all fun. She sails beautifully and was such a pleasure to build. Please add the attached photos to your Customer Photos section. I\'ve got my eye on Lo Voltage next. Next, that is, after building a Kayak that I designed using the skills and confidence I gained building Margarete. Thank You, Rich Dufresne Portland, Oregon

Glen-L 15 by Mike Flynn

Darla: I finished and launched \"My Own Hands\" in late September. Now that the ice and snow is here, I have put her safely away and have some time to send out pictures. It was a challenging labor of love. There were times when I thought I had made too many mistakes to cover, that it would never float let alone sail. I was wrong. She sails beautifully--especially when I put a knowledgeable sailor at the helm! Thanks for your support and the support of the Glen-L staff during the process. Sincerely, Mike Flynn

Glen-L 15 by EL Anderson , Orlando, FL

Here\'s the status of the GL 15 as of 1-12-01. Information for you other boat builders, and anyone else interested, she is now ready (finally) for the chines\' to be installed. Keel, centerboard trunk and all frames are installed and secured. She\'s still a loooooong way from complete but gettin\' there. Andy

Glen-L 15 by Terry Moore, Daphne, Alabama

Photos Updated 29 May 2012 I began construction on 8/30/2010; completed the building form on 9/1/2010, and obtained the planking Marine plywood 9/2/2010. My objective is to complete the boat by next summer in time for my grandkids. 8 February 2012 Update: It may be mid-summer before the boat floats. I am just now working on the interior buildout, then painting, then decking, then rigging, then sails, then launching. I am decking the stern end a bit to accomodate the motor fuel tank and supplies. 29 May 2012 Update: If you can believe it, I have installed the decking, but still have the trimming to do. I need to find some half-round for the bumper rail; finish the decking; cut and install the coaming; do a bit of trim; and then it\'s to the rigging.

Glen-L 15 by Ed Wilson, Washington, Missouri

November 21, 2018 "I love the Glen-L 15 design and the comprehensive plans and building notes. You do good work."

Glen-L 15 by Whitney Moore, Clovis, New Mexico

March 2013 Update Glen-L 15 Pre Turn Over

Glen-L 15 by Jim Bradford, Englewood, Colorado

May 2013 I completed a Glen-L 15! Started it on New Year’s Day (give or take a day) and finished on the Fourth of July! Thanks for your help and feedback along the way! I\'m trying to get my notes and comments from my build pulled together in a coherent format. Maybe you could call it \"Boat-Building For REAL Dummies\" or \"If a 55-year-old Computer Programmer Can Build One So Can You!\"

Glen-L 15 by Ian West, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

May 19, 2013 I began building this boat in late Sept. 2012, and hope to be complete by June 2013. So far the project is proceeding well. Please check out the photo gallery of the boat so far. I will be posting more photos as I progress.

Glen L 15 by Michael Nanfito, Tacoma, Washington

Update July 2013 I am almost finished building my Glen-L 15 \"Scoot\" (recent photo attached) P.S. Thanks for all of the messages you send, they are all very helpful! May 18, 2009 I have been working on a Glen-L 15 for about a year and am making some progress (work gets in the way of working on the boat).

Glen-L 15 by Renwick Johnson, Commonwealth of Dominica. Eastern Caribbean

31 August 2013 I am very proud to send you a few photos of my GLEN-L 15 started on October 2010 and finally completed and launched 5th May 2013. Throughout the building of BLUE DART, as she has been named, has been, without any doubt, \"a labour of love.\" In my retirement, the build has provided and afforded me with the time to complete the construction with an enjoyable and therapeutic experience. With some help from my Grandson and a willing friend, it has been rewarding and satisfying throughout, working at a leisurely pace. Trailering BLUE DART to her inaugural launch caused lots of \"head turning\" and many a question to be answered. Needless to say, the praises of the Glen-L team were sung from the top of each passing coconut tree. So here she is now - sailing beautifully in the blue Caribbean Sea. A proud Lady indeed!!! Thanks once again Glen-L for assisting me to build a truly lovely boat.

Glen-L 15 by Harold Bernard, Vineland, New Jersey

20 December 2013 I was browsing the web site and thought I\'d send in a couple of action shots. Built the boat in 2003. Live in Vineland, New Jersey and Sail at Union Lake, Millville, New Jersey


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