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Honker by Paul Ringlien, Whitehall, Wisconsin

November, 2012 Dear folks at Glen-L: I am pleased with my new \"Honker.\" It was far more challenging that a clam skiff that I built in 2006. Some tools that made the job easier are a 12-inch disc sander, a 14-inch band saw, a Makita 9227C sander/polisher and a cheap angle transfer tool I found at Menard\'s for about 5 bucks. Of course you need a table saw and jigsaw and other common tools also. I rolled the boat many times with a boat trailer winch and ceiling pulley on one end and a boom pole and rope on my tractor on the other end. Suitable materials for boatbuilding are scarce in this part of the country. I found some expensive Marauti plywood at St. Bonifacious, Minnesota. Sincerely thanking you, I am. BTW, I caught a muskie the first time out!

Honker by Tom Gill, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, Canada

I have just purchased some new plans for my 3rd Glen-L boat construction project and thought it appropriate for me to send some photos of the \"Honker\" I built in 2006. I call it \"Ranger\'s Revenge\" after my Yellow Lab! I extensively modified the original plan for the decking and made a pointed cowling up front to tame those cold Atlantic waves! I used Douglas Fir frames to lighten the vessel and replaced the double plywood floor called for in the plans with a single layer of 3/8\" marine plywood on the floor and fiber glassed the inside of the floor with heavy weight woven cloth to stiffen and lighter material on the outside. I spray painted the hull with ~ 15 coats of marine paint and used grass-like stencils that were purchased from Cabelas. I added a 25 hp 4 stroke Merc and she flies like a frightened black duck!! I also outfitted the cockpit with a depth sounder so that I can set decoys in tidal water and is very useful when fishing from the Honker in the summer months. The cockpit is also outfitted with 2 gun holders, 2 camo swivel seats and a doggie ladder for Ranger. I added a folding blind up top using galvanized electrical conduit and cover these wings with camo netting and/or \"fastgrass\" made from woven palm leaves (not shown). Since then, I built my wife the \"Row me\" and about to start the \"Monaco\" in cold molded mahogany. Enjoy your newsletters!

Honker by Gregg Long

Subject: Honker Duck Boat Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 The attached are pictures of the honker I started after New Year of 2006. I just put it in the water on March 23,2006. I followed the prints pretty much through out the whole job except for a few things like adding more reinforcement in the nose for more strength to jump in and out of the boat on, and notching the frame so I could add the second layer of plywood to the bottom first instead of sliding it in later.The boat was constructed of all marine plywood, mahog., white oak in the transom, and a couple pieces of scrap black walnut. The hull is covered with fiber glass with two layers on all the seams. then three coats of epoxy.I installed a 4 switch panel 1 for running lights, 1 for bilge pump, 1 for a lighter outlet for spot lights, and 1 for utility lights which consist of four sets of leds on the sides of the boat. Under the floor I added flotation foam for extra safety.The boat handles great and is very stable I cant wait until hinting season. Thank You for the plans Gregg Long

The Honker by Matt Flanery

From Main Forums: Duck Boat/Hunting Forum: My first boat project update I just thought that I would update you on my Glen-L \"Honker\" project. I finally took all of the frames that I have been making and started putting them together. Man, I can\'t tell you how much I was dreading the initial stages of construction, just because this is my first boat and I just knew that I would screw something up. I got my father in-law (Ted Prather-thanks) to bevel my transom. After the transom was beveled, I had no more excuses to prevent me from getting started. I was worried that I wouldn\'t be able to get the keel to match the curve of the stem but, to my amazement, it actually worked pretty well. The frames were spaced, squared, and attached to the building form and everything slowly but surely fell into place. Now that you can actually tell that I am building a boat, I am starting to enjoy it more. These pics don\'t show it, but last night I beveled the harpins with the router my Dad gave me (Stan Flanery-thanks) and installed them to the stem and the first two frames. I am going to try to send updated pics every Tuesday or so. Since I am thanking people I should thank my wife (Stephanie Flanery) for letting me spend the necessary funds to this point and for cutting the epoxy out of my hair Saturday night. If you see any glaring errors, please call them to my attention immediately. Suggestions are also appreciated. Matt

Honker by Ryan Evans

Honker by Ryan Evans, Zachary, Louisiana June 28, 2009 Here is the first of a series of photos from my recently completed Honker. I ordered your plans on 5/8/07. The boat was finished and put in the water 11/29/08.


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