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Hunky Dory-AL by Bob Lee, Zanesville, OH

October 18, 2020 - I purchased the plans and decided to make some changes and do a little reverse engineering. I measured your cross section pattern of the frames and put them in a cad drawing. I shortened the bow height but maintained the rise of the bottom.I changed the beam by 2 inches to allow 1 inch bottom sheet out past the sides of the boat to allow welding on both sides of side sheets.

Hunky Dory by John Searles, Jacksonville, Florida

October 2012 I got this Hunky Dory hull that was pretty rough in 2003. Finished her off in 2004 with a custom top and epi supports. I\'ve enjoyed the boat for years and had lots of admirers.

Hunky Dory by Randy Lee, Kelowna B.C. Canada

April 22, 2008 Here are a few pictures of the Hunky Dory built from your plans and modified for my use fishing and cruising around the pacific north west of B.C. The plans were easy to follow and straight forward. The cabin has been legthened and a couple of sliding doors will be added at the helm. Work is progressing on the interior of the cuddy and main, fish boxes are being built for the cockpit and outboard power will be determined after she is weighed.

Hunky-Dory by John Stevens, Cape Cod, MA

Gayle, I KNOW there a lot of pix, but your first timers should know that when you build a boat, make it a boat and not furniture. I actually have documented this boat with the Feds, instead of obtaining a state registration. I believe it may be the first Hunky Documented. If you go to the Homeland Security/Naval Documentation website you will get the formula for documentation. Keep crunching numbers and adding inches to the hull until the formula works. It\'s not a big stretch. I put alot of extra frames about a third foward of the stern for attaching a towing bit, tower or whatever in the future. I used alot of slab white cedar from the Vermont swamps on the inside and left the edges rough. Looks cool. There are some other Glen-l boats mixed in that I have built; and a St. Piere dory that I built from John Gardner\'s book. To you first timers, just get out there and DO IT. Beats the hell out of listening to \"you know who\" and it WILL float. All I ever use is a hammer, a skill saw and a drill. I guess I\'m lucky, I\'ve built a dozen boats from 8\' to 30\' and never had a problem with a chine log or a sheer. They just fit. Please feel free to post my e-mail, if anyone wants to ask questions. (See the Project Registry for email address.) I have a 100 ton master capt license but would rather bang around the backyard then take a bunch of pink neck fools out to look at whales on George\'s. Or get involved in pushing barges, etc. Thanks and greetings from Cape Cod. Respectfully John Stevens

Honky Dory by Matt Krick

Subject: matt krick hunky dory update Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 15:23:51 -0700 As of 7-25-02 chine and outer sheer clamp screwed and glued. Took me a long time to set the chine and sheer clamp. I ended up having to fair of about 5-6 frames with 1/8 of an inch being the most I had to take off. Looks real good now. Just about to start scarfing the plywood side together. I bought the john henry scarffing jig to help. Being a first timer we will see how it goes. Starting to look like a boat, maybe it will float some day. Here are some pics you might post for me. Matt

Hunky Dory by Jim Hennessey , Jacksonville, Florida

Subject: Hunky Dory Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 07:49:59 EDT From: Glen L, Hi my name is Jim Hennessey and I wanted to show you the pictures of the Hunky I have been building over the last 2 years. I am almost complete ( lacks Motor ) it is 24\' 6\" and came out quite nice, I cannot wait to launch her this summer. Please show these pictures on your site as it has taken me quite a bit of effort to get this done as this is my first boatbuilding endeavor.

Hunky Dory by Shelby Dean Aaron , Groves, TX

To Mr. Glen L. Witt, I purchased your 22 ft. Hunky Dory plans for aluminum in 1991 to build a rugged, simple, dependable boat. I now have a computer to see your site... the world turns, does it not. Anyway, I believe I have a humdinger of a testimony about how idiot-proof your designs are. I built the craft with the intention of making a sensible fishing boat. I welded it up with a 3/16\" hull and center console. But along the way, somehow I ended up with a 150hp Mercury V-6 on it. After I realized what I had done, I said, well lets see if I can tear up this man\'s design. I\'m here to tell you that your craft are immune to crazy people. I have made by accident, this 22 ft boat fly like a bird; to say it is extremely fast is putting it mildly. We have even driven it (accidently) upon parked black barges at night, that just appeared. That was not me, but a buddy who did not have the halogen lights on... go figure. I know a man of sound judgement like yourself, and your fellow professional designers would not do this, but we have not had the first leak on the hull. ...The pictures I took in \'91, before the initial launch. P.S. The boat was just sitting idle in the driveway one day, when a tug captain who had hurt his back and was disabled, wanted to know what I was going to do with the boat. I asked why and he said he could haul groceries to the area tugs and support his family. So I sold it to him 6 years ago, with the 150 on it. It is working 7 days a week on around the clock call, still to this date. By the way, it was the tugboat captain who was trying the boat out upon purchase, with me in it; after I said not to turn this boat at wide open throttle, did so. Ha, you ought to see how a 70 mph boat stops in less than 1/2 boat length after it comes down from being airborne. I doubt Boston Whalers could stand up to this punishment. I just thought you would enjoy my note about one of your vessels. It is all verbatum and true, as I have said. Shelby Aaron


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