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James Cook by Knut Steinar, Norway

September 2012

James Cook FG by Michael Trusz

Her traditional appearance - taffrail, bowsprit and teak-veneered decks draw a lot of positive comments. In the conditions in which she has been sailed (to about force 5) - she seems extremely well balanced - a very light hand on the tiller is all that is needed.

James Cook PW by Noel Grant, Ireland

9-20-99: Using western red cedar in four layers, I am at the third layer. 6-25-00: I am on the final layer of planking. Each plank I fit is position is for the last time and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction. 12-15-00: I have finished planking and I am now looking forward to the next stage of the project. 8-27-02: The hull is ready to turn over. 4-10-03: I have turned over the hull and I am working on the interior joinery work. 9-2-04: I have fitted the engine and most of the deck and I am working on the cabin sides although I will not be able to complete this work until I have moved it out of my workshop because of height restrictions. I am trying to get as much of the timber as possible cut and ready for fitting once it is outside. I also have the keel ready to be attached. 5-8-08: The day has finally arrived and my \"James Cook\" was launched. All went well with the launch on 3rd May 2008 with great support from my family and friends. The boat was well admired by many. I am sending some photos but we have yet to do some proper sea trials, and will send on more information when we have. Thanks to all at Glen-L for all the support over the years.


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