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La Paz-Wood by Tommy Frank, Beaumont, TX

September 6, 2019 - 80 years young and single-handedly building the La Paz!

La Paz by Fabio and Paolo Licenza,  Italy

We are sending the photos of our "La Paz" fisherman that we have built with your plans. This year it is in the sea at Venice. I hope that you like it. Thank you. Sorry for our englisch. Ciao Fabio & Paolo Licenza

La Paz by Darryl Berkowski, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

October 2017 My name is Darryl. I had bought a set of La Paz boat plans from you in 2011. I had only worked on the build during my vacation overseas a few times a year so it took me about 4 years to build. There is such a story behind building this boat that I could type about 10 pages telling you about it and show you 1000's pictures, but I will keep it short for now. It started out as a simple fishing boat with a small center console and well, we got carried away. lol. We finally installed the motors and launched it on Feb 2016. As you can see in the pictures it has been modified in many areas, but is still the Glen-L La Paz hull at 24 ft. The Motors are new 2015 twin 115hp Mercury 4 stroke outboards. It pushes a top end of 70 kmh (38 mph) and hums along very nicely, even though the boat is about 1000 lbs heavier than the specs, then add another 1200 lbs for people and gear. It is heavy but keeps the water line at a nice level. I was very impressed with the La Paz hull as it planes up very nice and handles tight turns great! The deep V hull is great for control and has handled 4 ft white cap waves with no problem. We even had to deal with cresting 10 ft swales at 4s for about 4 miles which was very scary for a 24 ft boat, but made it home safely ( don't want to do that again lol ). I have attached a few of the 1000 pictures that I have; hope you enjoy them. I also have many photos of the build, and videos of the boat cruising on my FaceBook if you are interested. Thanks again, Darryl Captain D.Dog


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