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Little Hunk by Rod Johnson, Mercer Island, Washington

July 2012 I started this build in February of 2009. Though I have now taken it to sea trials, I am sure I probably have several months of fine tuning and small additions to put on. This has been a great pasttime.

Little Hunk by Craig Jones , Aliso Viejo, CA

Subject: Little Hunk Date: Wed, 2 Mar Hope you like my restoration of a 1991 Little Hunk. Craig Jones Aliso Viejo, CA

Little Hunk by Arlon Motsch

LITTLE HUNK / Arlon Motsch / / finished 1-6-95 and in use. Nice little boat. I\'m using a 70 hp nissan, bracket mounted off the transom rather than mounting inside the hull. Used from flats to open gulf. Runs rough water 4\'-6\' in the passes when others are sittin and wishin. Center console, front and rear casting platforms, extra wide gunnels, large bimini (may replace with a market umbrella as it takes up useable space). Only regret is I wish I had gone for the hunky dory in aluminum. Maybe my next project

Little Hunk by Don Carter, Richmond Hill, Georgia

June 28, 2001 Dear Friend. Thank you for providing me with two and one half years of pleasure and boat building madness. Enclosed are some pictures of my recently turned over LITTLE HUNK. Next comes the center console and motor... etc., etc. This was my first boat building project; if I had it to do over again, I would build it inside and in a larger space... and a larger boat. This Little Hunk received a lower bow, higher transom, lower sheer, and a 5\" keelson with two 3\" strakes parallel to the keelson, and one foot added to her original plan length. Again I thank you for making boat building easy and lots of fun. Sincerely, Don Carter

Little Hunk by William Wagner, International Falls, Minnesota

Hi, Enclosed are photos of recently completed Little Hunk for your web site. Boat is of okoume plywood, white oak framing, 6 oz. fiberglass covered with epoxy. All paint is epoxy Will be fitted with a new Honda 4-cycle outboard. Began in July 2000 and finished November 2001. Will launch in 2002 on rainy Lake in International Falls, Minnesota. Thanks William Wagner International Falls, MN


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