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Minuet by Ron and Claire Andersen, Townsend, TN

Completed June 2019

Minuet by Ron Toyne

Minuet by Ron Toyne, Cedar Rapids, Iowa August 11, 2009 Thought you might like this photo of the Minuet I built. It\'s my first try at building a sailboat.

Minuet by Cesar Jaramillon , Pereira, Columbia

Pereira Agosto 3 Del 2000 Dear Sirs: I am writing you from Pereira, a city at Columbia\'s center. During the last weekend, at Calima Lake I launched my Minuet. The name of my Minuet is Anumwerici, the god of the Polynesian sailor. The photo shows Anumwerici and a group of my friends. Anumwerici sails pretty nice in any direction. Thanks very much for the attention paid to this letter. Truly, Cesar Jaramillon Pereira, Columbia

Minuet by John Van Newenhizen

4-10-03 Attached is a picture and it tells it all! Launch was January 14th at Port St. Joe, Florida. \'MISS BOO\' lives up to all my expectations. She sails better than I expected. Is faster for her size than I expected. Points very well. Is extremely stable in rough seas. Thanks to GlenL for their advice during construction. John Van Newenhizen

Minuet by Robert Zopp

Minuet by Robert Zopp, Richardson, Texas March 18, 2009

Minuet by Joel Block & Kathy Lucas, Katy, Texas

20 May 2013 Introducing \"Spirit of Jessica\". Pictures that document our Minuet build. Kathy bought the plans for me in July 2011 for my birthday. We only managed to cut a few boards the first six months, but since then, it\'s been a steady project. Most work has been done from July 1, 2012 through our first sail on May 11, 2013. We figure about 1300 hours are invested. Thanks to Glen-L for a great project. (I do realize that it will never truly be complete....!)

Minuet by Jim Doucet , Calgary, Canada

Letter: 14 August 2002 Hello everyone at Glen-L Here are a few pics of my Minuet, started in December 2000 and finally in the water in June 2002. I extended the cabin for roomier accomodations, but still plenty of cockpit for a couple off for a weekend. Had a wonderful time building her and now having an equally fine time sailing her. The brightwork is cedar strip over plywood. Hope to send a few more photos with the Glen-L sails up. Every time she goes in the water, people come up and ask about here. Thanks again for helping me build a lovely boat. Jim Doucet Calgary, Canada

Minuet by Russ Karches, Gresham, Oregon

Update July 2012 I acquired this Minuet from a guy who couldn\'t finish it and it had been sitting for quite a while outside. After the bad rotted wood had been removed I began to finish it. Not quite done yet but, hopefully soon, she will touch the water for the very first time after many years on a cradle.

Minuet by Larry Haff ,Westborough, MA

Subject: Customer Photos/Minuet Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 From: Larry Haff Attched are some photos of the Minuet I recently finished. Photographs are of my Minuet sailing in the 1000 Island region of the Saint Lawrence River, Ontario, Cannada.


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