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Odyssea (built in Steel) by Carlos Diego Bravo Reta, Capital Federal, Argentina

March 2013 Modified to be built in steel in the early 1970\'s here in Argentina with plans and patterns bought in the USA. The trawler was sold some time ago, now I am thinking on a new one. Thank you again.

Odyssea by Jannick Beaudoin, Quebec, Canada

Subject: (pas d\'objet) Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 13:06:51 +0100 From: Jannick Beaudoin Bonjour, je suis proprietaire d\'un trawler ODYSSEA. Construit en 1969 a Quebec, et je l\'ai achete il y a 8 ans. Il est reste identique tel que les plans,autant a l`interieur que a l\'exterieur. Il est construit en bois. Je joint des photos.


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