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Outrage by Jeff Brunot , Marietta, Ga

5-29-03 Well, I have begun the construction of my second Glen-L boat, the Outrage. I didn\'t have enough space in my small one-car garage w/ all the various shop equipment and tools I have laying around... So I had to level the ground under my back deck and, after constructing a roof system to keep the rain off during construction, I set up there. Here are a few pictures as of the Memorial Day weekend. Jeff Brunot Marietta, Ga

Outrage by Mike Irace , Lake Biwa, Japan

Hello, These pictures are of my completed boat. Thank you, Mike Irace Outrage builder Lake Biwa, Japan

Outrage by Jack Budak, Charleston, SC

Email: Subject: boat Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 08:15:28 From: JB Launched on July 4 1999. This Outrage was converted to a flats boat for the low country creeks and marshes. built by: Jack Budak Charles, SC

Outrage by  Tim Wahl,  Livonia, NY

Nov. 10 1999 Dear Sir: As you can see, I built your \"Outrage\" plan. I completed the hull in 8 months of spare time, then did the interior seating. I modified your plan for the decks by using teak strips up front and solid mahogany for the side decks. Since the decks were solid, I put some roundness in them. I also changed the seating since I have kids.

Outrage by John Wilmot

Outrage by John Wilmot, Edgewater, Maryland November 29, 2008 I\'ve built 4 Glen-L boats - one sailboat and two copies of \"TNT\" and now the \"Outrage\". This one was the most fun. I am an architect, but my hobby is cabinet making.

Outrage by David O'Krepka, Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania

July, 2017 I built the Outrage for about $4,000. Please keep in mind I modified it from a 16' to a 19'. The boat is one of the favorites of all the people I meet on the lake. After it was done I added so many extras. This Is my 3rd season using it and it's Great!!!


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