Party Boat

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Party Boat by Richard Thompson, Bradenton, FL

July14, 2020 - Boat Flippin! June 23, 2020 - I primed the Party Boat with Pettit Protect epoxy barrier coat, because I needed more epoxy in this boat. That’s Dave Lucas standing. Will go with Pettit Vivid bottom paint in a medium gray. June 6, 2020 - I put my final piece of glass on the hull today. Notice the reverse chines. I did fill and glass those this week. (after pics were taken.) Now, for a couple weeks of sanding and filling, and more sanding and filling, before paint goes on. Then, will flip and work on the top. 80% done, 80% to go. 2 layers 3/8 plywood, 2 layers triaxle cloth, then one layer of 10 oz. I did glass (10oz.) between the layers of plywood. I also pre-glassed the interior side of all plywood, sides and bottom.


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