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PowerYak by Dan Hennis, Cassville, Missouri

PowerYak by Dan Hennis, Cassville, Missouri Photos updated November 2012 (#37 - #94) - The build details with a few mods to the printed plans - not in order. Photos updated 03 April 2012 (#31 - #36) Photos #1 - #30 from 25 August 2009

PowerYak by David Streeter, Port Charlotte, Florida

October 2012 Photos I took while constructing the PowerYak.

Poweryak by Steve Strang , St. Louis, Missouri

7-30-03 Name of Design : Power Yak My Name: Steve Strang Location: St. Louis, Missouri Where in the construction Process: Totally completed 7/30/03 after applying second coat of paint on 7/29/03. Now the fun part. Here are a couple of pictures. Thanks, Steve Strang

Poweryak by Bob Anderson

Subject: Power Yak Date: 9/25/02 Hi Barry, I am building the PowerYak and this is an update, as I am already in the registry. 09/25/02: I have worked out a way to steer the boat and control the speed from two positions (depending on whether I am out alone or I have a passenger). I am including a picture of the boat, and some pictures that show the modifications I made for seating, mounting an \"outboard\" electric trolling motor, and the steering and speed control system I am using. I think the hull is very efficient for eboating as it produces very little wake and is very quiet in operation. I took the PowerYak out for over two hrs. at full throttle and still had plenty of power left in my 12V battery when I got in. Bob Anderson

Poweryak by Dan

Poweryak by John Gable

Power Yak by John Gable, Fallbrook, California August 8, 2008


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