Project Registry A

AIRBOAT / Kyle & Joe Wahl / / 1-19-00: Made frames last weekend… working on bulkheads and long chines… lots of fun. 3-12-00: Hull is built and getting ready to cover with fiberglass cloth. Also received a 2275cc 100 hp Volkswagon. 5-13-00: Hull turned over and trying to finish topside. 6-5-00: Hull is finished, starting on rudders, engine mounting, and Bt. trailer. 7-18-00: Project update on Airboat by Kyle & Joe Wahl, Yuma, AZ. Airboat trailer is completed starting engine mount and cage. Was 123 degrees today so work is a little slow, A lot of night hours when it is a little cooler. 8-30-00: Working on final details putting cage, rudders, & prop all together… Then the we go in the water. 10-15-00: We are done! All went well, launched the Airboat and was really pleased… I kept the speed down to learn to handle the boat. Just a little tricky on the yaw. Planes out really quick and handles nicely. Sits level in the water; was a little worried that it might sit stern heavy, but worked out ok… I just love it. Thank you Glen-L. (See Customer Photos)

AIRBOAT / Bruce and Jack Kibbey / / 01/24/01: Started project. 02/02/01: All bulk heads made, waiting another supply of wood to pick through at the local lumber yard for the chines. 4/11/01: Completed the framing steps, getting ready for bottom sheeting. Starting to look alot like a boat! 3-21-03: Haven’t done to much on our boat, its very much winter here yet.

AIRBOAT / Terry Chapman / Nova Scotia, Canada / / 5-20-02: Began cutting the mahogany for the frames and braces. 5-31-02: Finally got the frames put together. 6-1-02: Built the supports to hold the boat during construction. 6-5-02: Ripped the chines from 4 inch stock. Will let you know when I have more done. Can hardly wait, there are a ton of shallow grassy lakes full of bass waiting for me. 3-22-03: I have not been working on the boat all winter. I have all of the frames, battens, keel, sawed chines and bow pieces ready to fasten plywood to. I have made a change in the plans; I have added one extra frame and the result is that the boat is three feet longer, but with the same original shape just narrower at the bow. I use my boats in big water (ocean goose hunting) and this will help with the lee side of a wave … I think. Anyway, I have not abbandoned it, just got slowed down. I will send photo’s as soon as I get the whole project back into production.

AIRBOAT / Ildeu Oliveira / Gouveia, MG, Brazil / / 2-25-03: I bought your Airboat plan before the year 2000 and only now started building. The hull is almost ready and I’m sending you some photos of it. At the end of the construction I’ll send you the final photos. 3-23-03: This weekend we ran the engine. The exaust pipes perform well, as well as the propeller guard. We are building it almost exactly as the patterns. The rudders are being done and at the end of the next week we hope to install them. We did a test putting rollers under the hull and the airboat moved satisfatory over the rollers with the thrust of the engine. We guess it will function properly in the water. I’m sending more photos of the first run. There’s a lot of things to be done yet and I promise to send you photos of all stages. (see Customer Photos)

AIRBOAT / Wayne A. Petty / West Jordan, Utah / / 8-15-03: Plans were purchased in June of ’98, and just found time to start. First time boat builder. I already had a VW aero-engine which I was going to put in a homebuilt airplane, but sold the airframe and kept the engine. I am keeping a digital photo record of construction. Number 1 and number 3 frames are cut out, long bulkhead is cut out. Rather than build the boat up from the sheer, I have built a jig and will attempt to put it together that way.

AIRBOAT / Brad Nilsson / St Louis MO / / 1-19-04: I have started my Airboat. I have made the motor mounting steel frame. I am going to use it for and engine stand to get my VW motor running. I have all the parts in my garage I hope to be done in time for the spring flooding around here.

AIRBOAT / Peter Wilhelmus / Wairau Valley, Marlbrough, New Zealand / / 11-10-04: At present I have built all the frames, including sawn chine and long bow. Also completed tail rudders and they are ready for fibre glassing. I’ve used macrocapa instead of mahog because of the cost. It is used alot here in boat building; very strong and light. Since your e-mail i have talked to some fly boys involed in home builds and hovercraft, they recommended EA 81 Subaru 1800 push rod motor with a 2-1 reduction gearbox straight to the crank for max revs at max torque to acheive airoplane prop speed. Engine dry weight 90 kg.

AIRBOAT / Thomas Hawkins / Bethel, Alaska / / 3-1-05: I’ve started on my Airboat as of two days ago. All my straight pieces have been ripped and I’ve cut and fitted the transom. As soon as the fitting package comes I’ll get the transom glued and set up.

AIRBOAT / Terry Chapman / / 4-2-06: I have begun another of your Airboats. The new project is going well – I think. I have been working on it for three weeks and have a lot completed. The Transom and frame one and two were built in the winter when it was too cold to think about anything else. I built one last year (it actually took two years due to moving etc), but I made the bow square. The new one will be rounded off as per the plans, and I think instead of the raised sheer, I will use a bush-guard as the cat-tails here are quite tall and hard. (see Customer Photos)

AIRBOAT / Bobby J. Rowe, Jr. / Pell City, AL / / 1-13-08: I have ordered the lumber and am in the process of construction.
3-8-08: I am in the construction stage at this time. All the frames have been built, the long bulk heads and the frame jig.
4-7-08: I am in the process of putting it on the jig and putting the keel, sheers and battens on the frames. I will send photos just as soon as I get time to post them.
2-14-09: Here it is February 2009. I have had more time to work on the boat here lately. I have got the frame together and ready to put the sides and the bottom on the boat. I am working on the cage for the motor and starting the rudders; also I am also going to put a 1/4 inch sheet of gator-back polymer on the bottom due to water level on the lake that I live on. I hope to have the boat finished by the end of April. I have pictures and will post them this week. (See Customer Photos)

ALLEGRO / Tony Long / Leeds, ENGLAND / / 10-5-02: I have started construction of my Allegro 333 in a barn in Leeds England. I currently have the Transom, Stem and 4 frames complete only 5 more to go. The intersting part is still to come when I try to line them all up and add the battens etc. I will submit some pics at that point. 3-28-03: The project is going as well as can be expected, having had to stop due to the winter. I just started again this week. All the frames are now installed and I am now installing the battens. 7-18-04: All is going well. I have now got to the point were all the boards are on the hull and the first layer of fiber glass and epoxy are on the boat. I am now wondering what is going to be the best way of turning the boat in a about a month when it is finished. 11-27-05: Well it has been a while since the last update and due to work commitments I have only now finished the Hull. I am still going to add a epoxy and copper layer to the Hull below the waterline before I turn it but as it is winter. I have to wait for a reasonable day, when the temp will remain warm enough for the epoxy to cure. Then I will be turning the boat. (see Customer Photos)

ALPHA 2 / Walt Conrad / Email address not valid: 03-24-03 / 7-30-99: Have cut cross legs and braces, starting CB trunk. If anyone has building tips, let ’em rip. Thanks. 4-14-00: Centerboard trunk glassed & assembled. Assembling breasthook, stem, transom, centerboard, form. Rudder and yoke finished. 5-21-00: I’m setting up the jig. 6-16-00: Jig is up, starting on chines. 7-18-00: I soaked my chines in a 10′ black plastic, ABS, pipe. After soaking one half of the chines for 2 days, I flipped them over and soaked the other end. I wrapped the exposed portion in plastic bags so they wouldn’t dry out. The chines bent effortlessly. 11-9-00: I soaked the bent sheers in a swimming pool for 3 days to make twisting them easier. Chines and sheers attatched, fairing underway.

ALPHA 2 / Tom Strong / Michigan / / 11-15-99: Cut and faired centerboard. I live in Michigan so I plan to do all I can in basement during winter, and start framing in the spring. 1-12-00: Finished centeboard, stem, breasthook, and have cut CB trunk sides. 2-4-00: CB trunk complete, started on transom. 2-27-00: The Jig is UP! Built a platform and erected the building form. 5-1-00: Finished attaching chines and inner shears to transom. Faired chines & shears. 5-18-00: Planking nearly completed. 7-16-00: Finished and sailing! For latest pictures see:

ALPHA 2 / Peggy Babcock / Upstate NY / / 4-12-00: All the small stuff is done. Centerboard Trunk is built, glassed and looking good and the CB is installed inside the trunk. I’ve got the setup forms/members all ready to go and I’ve just recently ripped my chines/sheers. I have also purchased the Alpha 2 sails as a kit from sail-rite. I’ll start the sewing this weekend. 3-24-03: It took 6 months to complete and now my Alpha 2 has had 2 seasons in the water and I love it! It is a beautiful boat with classic lines and I always receive great comments when I take it out. One of my favorites was, “That’s a beautiful old boat–how old is it?” To which I replied, “Oh about 4 months!” I also enjoy rowing it– remove mast, rigging and ballast and it becomes a very comfortable and quick boat to row. I made my sails from a kit from sailrite–using a cream-coloured sailcloth. They look great with the varnished wood of the boat and were another enjoyable part of the project. I also have a good report on my bottom paint– I used 100% latex exterior house paint. 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of a nice dark green paint. I bought a top-quality paint and it has held up great. It still looks freshly painted and the surface scratches in the hull at the end of the season are easily repainted. Why would you use anything else? This was my first boatbuilding project–as you can see I’m very satisfied with my Alpha 2 and your plans made it a joy to build. If anyone has questions they can contact me about any aspect of the project. Project pictures of my boat have been kindly posted by Tom Strong at

A-LURE / Denzil Duncan / Orange CA / / 5-19-06: I begun this project in Feb. 2006. I have completed cutout of all side and bottom frame members, transom frames and sheer harpin. I have just begun to make the stem. I have already constructed the building form.
1-29-07: I am ready to start fairing the hull frames.
9-13-08: The build is progressing smoothly; not as fast as hoped but fast enough. The hull is now complete. It is glassed with 10 oz. S2 cloth, filled-faired-sanded, then sanded some more and even more. Bottom boot stripe and sides painted. I have added lift strakes and all hull appendages including spray rails. I am now building a trailer so I can right the hull and finish the build. I have seen many examples of righting the hull, nevertheless I am having anxiety attacks thinking about it. I built a Ford 302 cu. in. motor with beefy Windsor heads with bigger Chevy valves. Pictures will be submitted if I have to hand deliver them to Glen -L’s office. I am still just finding my way around computers.
3-16-09: This project has taught me that it is ok to strive for perfection but symmetry is more important. Epoxy has gap-filling properties that I can use to my advantage when the “friendly side of the line” isn’t and the table saw won’t split the line even though I have used the widest lumber pencil. Eye balling is accurate when all reference points are curving sloping and generally looks different every time it’s measured. For the most part I strive to follow the plans and have found that as the build progresses the plan reveals itself with info glossed over in the early stages, info that I did not yet know how to interpret. I am now beginning to see more than just the constituent parts of the project and more so the total. We all, especially boat builders, like pictures. The images have helped me a lot; hopefully those I’ve submitted may be able to help someone. (See Customer Photos)

AMIGO / Capt. Heiko Hempen / Schleswig, Germany / / 6-21-01: Started: May 98. Finished hull: June 99. Changed our house and private shipyard from Osnabrück to Schleswig (near the Balitc Sea) June 99 to Okt 2000. Still working inside the boat (building the cabinposts right now – June 2001). 3-27-03: My Amigo is nearly finished, I hope to put it in water in about 14 days, will send you some pics at this time.

AMIGO (Masthead rig) / Mark Matthews / Glenhuntly, Melbourne, Australia / / 10-9-03: Hull complete, working on cabin interior. (See Customer Photos)

AMIGO / Allen Messick / Linn, MO / / 2-22-05: I received plans in November… started in December. Have completed all stations, stem and am ready to start planking as soon as I get all the cedar cut and bead and cove completed. PLANNING to build a cutter version with a masthead rig and a bowsprit.

AMIGO-FG / Capt. Leo Lobo / Goa, India / / 7-13-07: Completed the plug from frame drawings and completed a female mould from fiberglass. We are now in the process of making the hull.

AMIGO / James Brennan / Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada / / 4-29-08: This lovely “Amigo” was built in 2006 by Francis Kerrivan in Dunville, Newfoundland, Canada. She was built from local spruce for the strip planking and juniper for the frames and rub rails and then glassed over. She is a sweet sailer and stole my heart, though I already owned a bigger boat. She is bare bones hull and rigging with sails and a little paint and paneling inside; I think I still have a few years to complete the bells and whistles but she is sailable now. Am presently installing a 7hp diesel and will inform you how this pans out. The boat will be sailed in Placentia Bay and the south coast of Newfoundland. If anyone has sailed these little cruisers offshore I would be glad to hear from you. (See Customer Photos)

AMIGO / Dr. Juan Carlos Concha / Santiago, Chile / / 4-19-09: Working on the frames.

AMP EATER / Charles Ervin / Covington, La. / / 8-9-02: I ordered the plans for the Amp Eater about 2 1/2 yrs ago and finally got started on it March, 2002. I find myself working one or two weekends and taking off three or four. Still, at this very relaxed pace, I am to the point of laying out the meranti plywood deck on her. All bulkheads and thwarts are glassed in and the inner sheer is in and planed. The hull has been faired and I’m quite pleased with her lines. This is my first attempt at boat building and I have been very happy with the fit of the patterned parts. I am accumulating the running gear and will be installing the same in the next 4-6 weeks. 3-21-03: Project moved along nicely until the first mate decided that we needed ceramic tile floors, two bathroom renovations, a set of built-ins in the kids room and, since we had all that extra tile left over…How about some new kitchen countertops… I’ve had the Amp-Eater on the back burner for about 9 months… but I see light at the end of the tunnel. The hull is complete, bulkheads are in, deckbeams are in, hull is sheathed in epoxy and glass, I still need to attach the skeg but am trying to decide on inboard 36 volt DC motor / belt driven or 76# thrust 24 volt trolling motor. The cost will be about the same to do either but the simplicity of the trolling motor is attractive. Of course, the durability of the inboard electric is equally attractive. This is my first boat building project and I have been extremely pleased with the patterns and instructions.


ANDANTE / Mark Ewert / Phoenix, AZ / / 4-9-07: At this stage the Hull Has been primed and 35% of the interior is in. I have a lot of progress pictures. I am the cabinet maker/boat builder that has been contracted with to provide the owner with a top quality Mahogany interior.


ANDANTE / Rodolfo Gutierrez / Costa Rica / / 7-19-09: A long time ago, specificaly on the 28 of Jan. 1987 I received two envelopes with the plans of Andante, that I had order a few days earlier. The idea was to start building it right away on weekends. However I was very busy on those days and the two envelopes have been resting in a drawer ever since. I retired and got my pension from working for the Government three years ago. My last asignment was as Ambassador to the United Kingdom which lasted for 6 years. Before that I was Ambassador in Portugal and before that in Iceland. Now the time to start building the boat has arrived!!! A bit late, considering that I am 76 and my health is not what it used to be. But what the …… If I die before I finish it, at least I am going to have fun my last days. I forgot to tell you that I am a citizen of Costa Rica and I am going to build it in this country. I have already bought about $4000 in different sizes of steel and have made the frames. Nothing can stop me now. I thought you might like to know about this project.

AQUA CAT / Ken Dollard / / 2-18-00: Started Dec 99, now putting on plywood skin. Would like to hear from other builders.

AQUA CAT / Kirk Copeland / / 6-21-00: Just getting ready for plywood. Have a few more stringers to out on. Started in May of 2000

AQUA CAT / Daniel Bucklin / Sydney, Australia / / 9-7-04: Currently building the frames and encapsulating everything in west system epoxy.
8-3-09: It’s coming along nicely and I am very much looking forward to completing it. I am trying to be faithful to the plans and I’m sure it will be a great boat. (See Customer Photos)

AQUA CAT / Richard Kalvelage / / 8-22-05: Started Aqua-Cat Oct 18 2005. Am making frame patterns out of 3/16 presswood to start. I want to be able to make my mistakes and correct them before assembly. Presently woorking on frame #3.

AQUARIAN / Frank Vannoy / / 5-13-01: Built Aquarian 10 years ago and had no problems doing so. I have been sailing it on Lake Erie since then, it handles well and is a very tough boat. I got hit by a large charter boat while tied up at my dock and the wood top was mashed, I replaced it with 11 ga. steel and could not tell any difference in handling or stability. Very good boat but a little slow. I primed and painted it with Pettit epoxy paints and have never repainted, touched up a few spots, there is no rust or fatigue at all, it pays to spend time on priming and painting. 3-21-03: Still here, I had finished boat about 12 years ago and sailed the great lakes for about 11 years. Never had problem with boat and only repainted it once. I have since sold boat and bought a smaller one as the dock rent got too high (about $2500 a year plus winter storage). I miss the boat but could not afford it. It was a very good boat and the new owner took it to the Gulf of Mexico and is still going. It was a great project and I really enjoyed it.

ARGOSY / Wayne & Pam Potts / Email address not valid: 03-24-03 / 1-25-01: We are pleased to announce that we have started to build our boat. The ribs are in place and we will be planking in two weeks. We are very excited about our new project.

AUDEEN / Frank Tamanko / / 4-5-99: Started project about 18 months back. 11-19-98: Family was over for a birthday party, and with heir help, flipped the fiberblassed and painted hull. 4-5-99: putting final coats of varnish on top decking.

AUDEEN / Neil Olson / / 4-5-99: I have the hull good side up and am installing the engine. I have used your advice over and over again with things like prop sizes, stuffing boxes, rudders, etc. Thanks again for the help. If I’m not working on my boat I’m looking at the catalog trying to determine which project is next.

AUDEEN / Todd Isaacs / / 4-1-00: Received plans a couple of weeks ago and today finished the layout table. Will start construction of the frames next week.

AUDEEN / David Springer / Winters, CA / / 1-6-05: In 1959 my father completed work on the pictured Audeen (that’s me in the back shortly after her maiden launch). He did a meticulous job that I still marvel at. The deck is mahogany plywood that is routed and filled with putty to obtain a plank-like appearance. The engine is a ’54 Ford V8 238 (the first OHV) with a Capital in/out/reverse and Barr Marine manifolds. Dad welded a wedge into the pan to extend the oil capacity and to keep the oil from migrating away from the pump intake while the boat is approaching plane. Engine cooling water recirculates to a small tank. Water from the intake is cycled through the tank and ejected through the manifolds and exhaust pipes. Dad built mufflers from large diameter copper tube that he squished into an oval shape. Slotted 1-1/2″ copper pipe inserted into end plates provide the inlet and outlet. The ‘Ski-Daddle’ proved her reliability on a trip we took from Lake Roosevelt (Grand Coulee Dam) over 100 miles up the Columbia to Upper Arrow Lake in Canada in 1963. I renovated her in 1989 and we still enjoy her every summer.

AUDEEN / David Marusa / Denver, CO / / 1-17-06: Just finished cleaning out the garage and began building the frames. This past weekend, I also purchased a donor boat for most of the mechanical. It is a 1976 20′ Penn Yan Explorer and has a freshly rebuilt Chrysler 318 RHR. My wife is a little less thrilled about all of this than I am, but we have come to an agreement. I had to finish ALL projects around the house before I could begin.

AUDEEN / Mark Radanovich / / 10-10-06: I picked up the Audeen frame kit and plans in July 2005 and was able to meet Allyn before he retiered. I have finally finished a smaller boat and made some space to start the motor stringers on 9-5-06. 3-14-07: It has been slow going and slow gluing this winter, but I have managed to get a few hours in at a time. I had to scarf some boards together to complete the keel and chine logs. The sheer members are almost complete. I am laminating one side at a time having run out of clamps. 1-17-08: The battens are now all in and the first layer of planking is started in the forward sections. (see Customer Photos)

AUDEEN / Al Neill / Ottawa, Ontario, Canada / / 7-21-07: Having purchased the plans 10 years ago, studied them to death and dreamed of building this beautiful boat, today, 21 July 2007, I actually built frame #5 hurrah! I am using white oak for the frames and at this point all I have to say is: a. What excitement; and b. That white oak is hard stuff! I look forward to corresponding with Glen-L staff and others who are building Audeen.
1-11-08: My Audeen is beginning to sneak up the basement stairs. I hope that spring arrives early here in Ottawa. My wife, meanwhile is operating the jackhammer at the south wall of the basement (not really). I have simply left my glue bottle on the shelf and all of this will be disassembled and moved to the garage in April. Who says you can’t build a boat in the basement?
5-22-09: My Audeen is well under way after a bit of a delay. I had engine rebuilder problems which are now rectified. Engine has been rebuilt, tested and now stored. The engine hoist is in the middle of the ceiling of my garage and therefore I could not assemble my boat frames until the engine was returned. UGH! So you think that you may have enough clamps ? Buy more! I laminated the sheer’s from white oak but the chines are made from a nice 17′ piece of ash. Steamed once, twice, three times and then yes, four times. I will start the “fairing” process next week. Yahoo! I am still spending many hours on your wonderful web site. Keep up the good work. (See Customer Photos)

AUDEEN / Bob Johnson / Cayuta, Finger Lakes, New York / / 7-21-09: I am at the fairing stage. Would appreciate any advice from this point on.

AUDEEN / David Kennedy / Portsmouth, England / / 11-24-09: I have built half of the frames with the rest likely to be done by Christmas.


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