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WANDERLUST / Anthony Ciarochi / Browns Point, WA / / 3-2-03: Installing chine logs and sheer clamps. 8-13-03: Coming along. Check my progress at (continually updated)

WANDERLUST / Edwin S. Coraza / Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines / / 5-31-04: I enjoy building my Wanderlust. I have just completed fiberglassing the hull. I will start putting in the spray rails and skeg this weekend, June 05, 2004. At the same time, I started looking for the best engine and propulsion system to make this boat run at least 30 knots. 9-2-04: I already turned my boat right-side up and I have started working on the decking.

WANDERLUST / Robert N. Holmes / / 4-11-07: Hull is mostly done! I am currently putting the cabin together. Cabin overhead beams are now connected to the side bulkheads. The two overhead sheets of plywood are on my lofting table getting there fourth coat of varnish. The aft cabin bulkhead with cutout for door is also in place. This boat will weigh a bit heavy. Mostly from the false “self bailing deck” and I went a bit heavy framing the cabin deck.(sleeping area). I am not sure how much epoxy went into this project. Lots! And more to go. It’s been three years since I started. I only work on it a couple nights a week. This summer! It is realistic, I should be finished.

WEE HUNK / Matt O’Neill / Email address not valid 5-6-03 / 9-13-99: Plywood, lumber, SNG Kit on order, studying plans. Sides and bottom stitched together, gluing up transom. Planning to use a Honda 4 stroke. 11-16-99: Close to turn over for fiberglassing. 2-28-00: Late Dec through early Feb too cold to do anything. Now fiberglassed and turned upright. The console and bench have been installed. Have purchased a Yamaha 25 hp 4 stroke. 3-29-00: Fiberglass and resin work complete. First coat of paint is on. Hanging the motor this weekend. 4-12-00: Finished but not in the water yet. (See photos in Customer Photos/Archives)

WEE HUNK / Steve Dziedziak / Olympia, WA / / 7-11-03: I have started cutting the bottom panels. 9-15-03: In the month of August I stitched the sides and bottom, then filleted and taped the seams on the inside. Put in front seat and breasthook, motorwell and inner sheers. I turned the hull over on the first of Sept. Sanded bottom, filled, radiused corners and preped for taping seams. Taped seams this weekend (9/13-14) and applied some fairing compound to level hull in preparation for fiberglassing the sides and bottom. 10-16-03: Epoxied and applied fiberglass cloth to the bottom and sides. Applied extra coats of epoxy to fill weave and faired the bottom a little. Now I am working on the bottom battens. 11-01-03 to 1-16-04: I have finished the bottom (no paint yet). Turned back over to work on the outer sheers, cold weather has slowed me down a little. I am laying out the interior (seats, console and front seating). I am going to go with a walk thru layout, with bow seats. 5-4-04: I have built my consoles in (one on each side) and I am finishing up the front seating. I have cut the holes for, and mounted, the steering wheel and hub assembley. Will be removeing to paint. i have also bought a motor and controls. I am working on setting up control location and routing of cables. I am going to mount motor and then take off to paint then re-install. I hope to turn the hull again and paint the bottom this month. 6-8-04: On 5/29/04 I completed painting the bottom and sides. I will let it dry for a week then turn back over and start to prime the inside and paint. I used the system three water based epoxy primer and WR-LPU topcoat paint. the primer was rolled on (3 coats), then sanded smooth. The paint was applied with a spray gun for the first three coats. I couldn’t get it to lay right so I rolled the next 2 coats and tipped it with a brush. Came out excellent. I want to be ready for the water in July sometime (might be a little optimistic). (see Customer Photos)

WEE HUNK / Michel Grandbois / Lennoxville, Québec, Canada / / 6-19-05: Now working intensively on a Wee Hunk and the hull is now formed and look prett good. I hope to have it ready for some whale wachting in the St-Laurence Gulf by the end of August.


WHITEHALL / Brian McGowan / Melbourne, Australia / 5-10-07: Modified the design and specs to 14’0”. Found that the Internet is the most un-believable library and it is right at the finger tip. You can read and see what others have done and the problems they have resolved, tools they use for best effect, most importantly the experiences and fun they are having/had, just a wonderful adventure at every turn. Strong back and forms completed and assembled. Have collected, scrounged, bought on E-bay, most of the timber (Douglas-fir and some cypress) in major beam form and piece by piece it is being ripped to the various spec’s. Slowly building the laminations of all stems and knees, Scarfing material for planking, risers etc, could not get straight and clear in the lengths required. Life at this stage seems to be at the end of a sander or glue pot. Keel has all but been completed. Completion depended on deciding just how thick the planking would be! The specified half inch is too difficult to bend, when the timber is well aged and dry (very), so we have opted for 3/8” which means the bevel needed to be adjusted. That brings me to the reason for the name “Square One”, we have been back and forward so often and at times seemed as though we would never make any progress. Part of the fun, enough of the chit chat still a long way to go.

WHITEHALL Wood / Casey McGovern / Tacoma, WA / / 9-25-07: I started in 7-2007 and as of now I have a building form set up under cover in the backyard, a transom glued and screwed, and a stem laminated. I am getting a lot of my mahogany and cedar cheap from Second Use Lumber just south of Seattle. I am making sure all the wood is either secondhand or certified-sustainable. I am surprised how few builders there are for this nice design. I will be adding a sail rig.

WHITEHALL / Bruce Kibler / Highlands, NC / / 2-25-08: I have photo’s on the Glen-L website of the 17 ft. Whitehall that I built about two years ago. Here is my current contact information in case anybody is looking for help and would like to speak with someone (me) regarding the building of the Whitehall or perhaps even of my whereabouts. If you want more photo’s, I can provide some during construction. (See Customer Photos)

WILD THING / Bob Holt / Email address not valid 5-6-03 / 8-6-98: In final stages, almost ready to paint. 6-14-99: Finished. Performs really well with a Mariner 15 hp. (See Customer Photos)

WILD THING / Neal Ball / Shropshire, England ( UK )/ / 2-22-00: Plywood and other timber purchased today. Frames marked out, first 3 cut out. Hull being marked out at weekend.

WILD THING / Phil Harrison / Redwood City, CA / / 9-14-02: My son and I are working on finishing the Wild Thing project that we began last summer (2001). We have just finished fiberglassing the bottom and will put the first coat of Easypoxy paint on this weekend. We plan on turning it over next weekend to begin installing the frames and cowling. We’ll send pictures shortly. We are enjoying our Glen L projects. 5-10-03: The Wild Thing and Tempest is progressing at a slower pace these days. We have been working on the projects when we can find a few hours on the weekends. We are at the final finishing stage now on the Wild Thing. I have just finished putting in the final screws and nails last weekend and will spend part of today, filling screw holds and sanding. I plan to start fiberglassing next weekend and then paint the following weekend. We should have the official launch in Early July after my son graduates. I’ve attached pictures of the final stages of the wild thing and a few pictures of the Tempests Transom Frames and Stem. I want to complete the Wild thing first so we can get it out of the way as it takes up all the room on the make shift work table. I admit we have had a lot of good times with the Wild Thing project and look forward to spending some quality time on the Tempest when we get some room in the tent. (see Customer Photos)

WILD THING / Dan and Alan Levenson / Barnegat, NJ / / 9-11-05: Bought the kit right before the summer but will be reconfiguring the final design. Progressing on schedule. 10-26-05: Ready to fiberglass the topside. Still need to design access to front. Cockpit is next. I will be using a 20 hp for this. Looking to bring the boats weight in under 250# with the motor. (See Customer Photos)

WILD THING / David Henry / Dublin, Ireland / / 2-19-08: I purchased your plans in 2003 and completed the project Feb 04, it was quite a challenge, I worked many late evenings and still married, stitch and glue is very fast to form the hull and Glen – L full size plans were excellent, performance with 15 hp engine is superb and can even catch a jet ski, second hand seats and visor from motorcycle give a sporty look. (See Customer Photos)

WILDCAT “E-X-T” CUDDY / Nick Kay / Australia / / 11-28-09: My name is Nick and I am currently building the 24′ plywood version. I would like to put twin 150 hp outboards on her.

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