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RC Model X1 by Chip Pryor

RC Model X1 by Chip Pryor, Ridge Spring, South Carolina February 4, 2009 Hi, My name is Chip Pryor. I live in Ridge Spring, South Carolina. I discovered your website over a year ago and what a site! Just when I think I have explored all of it I find something new. After looking at plans, building methods and customer photos I decided to build my grandsons a Tubby Tug to use on our pond. Having no boat building experience I purchased plans for the RC model X1. Since both are built using stitch-n-glue, I figured it would give me a chance to work with resin and fiberglass before starting the Tug. I would recommend this to anyone that hasn\'t done stitch-n-glue before. It allows you to work with resin, fillets, glass, paints, wood, etc. before starting a larger project. My plans for Tubby Tug were delivered a couple of weeks ago. I will be ordering the resin and fiberglass kits from Glen-L shortly. Back to the X1, I do have experience building model boats (Boothbay Lobster Boat, Steam Launch, Sail, etc.). I have been searching for a model wooden shrimp boat to build, but with no luck. My Dad used to own Shrimp boats that operated out of Beaufort, South Carolina. So what I decided to do with the X1 hull was to build a \"shrimping boat\" as Forrest would say. Here are a few photos of my X1:

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