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Roustabout by Teddy Panganiban, Quezon City, Philippines

Subject: Project Registry Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 From: Teodoro M. Panganiban ROUSTABOUT/ Teddy Panganiban/ Quezon City,Philippines/ 12-5-1999: Finally went on sea trial today at Taal Volcano lake about 80 kilometers south of Quezon City. Rains and high humidity delayed the painting of the the boat. I used a two part polyurethane white paint and clear top coat which is picky with the weather. The trailer (assembled from a Glen-L plan) worked fine although I did not drive my minivan beyond 80 kilometers per hour. The boat reached speeds of 63 kilometers per hour (@5000 rpm) for a few seconds since I am still breaking-in the Evinrude 115. I used a Magellan 2000 XL GPS to measure the speed. I am using a 14\" x 19 pitch prop. I also tried a 14\" x 17 pitch but there was slight over-revving. The lake was choppy all day with about two foot waves. The deep V hull did its job cutting through the white caps but it felt like riding a galloping horse at the helm. Will officially pop the champagne this coming weekend and send you the pictures.

Roustabout by Barry Dillon, Dublin, Ireland

Roustabout by Barry Dillon, Dublin, Ireland November 4, 2008 I built Roustabout over the winters of 1994-1998. These pictures show the engine bearers fitted on frame attached to floor. Boat frames and keel then secured to engine bearers (horizontal beams).


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