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Rowme by Stew Hartzell

February 3, 2021

RowMe by John Prause, Vernon, NJ

June, 2019 - See the Forum for the full details on this build

Rowme by Alf Judd, Ontario, Canada

December 12, 2018 - .My Rowme was completed this year over a two month period - June and July - at a cost of $1500.00. This doesn't include the motor. I have attached photos of finished craft - with a couple of my creature comfort additions. The lightness of the boat is what impressed me - my multi-purpose flat bed trailer handles it quite happily. My first boat building experience was back before the days of Glen-L and fiberglass - screwing slot-head brass screws into oak stringers. The stitch and glue procedure is a dream. The lure of being out on the water, I believe is an instinctual call!

Rowme by Dik Holder, North Pole, Alaska

Update July 2013 Just a quick line to let you know we are still playing in the Tanana River with my little stitch and glue \"Row Me Oh\". Here is my little pal Bird bravely captaining his ship on a silt filled glacial river about 4 miles from our house in North Pole, Alaska. complete as of 22July I bought my Row Me plans and epoxy kit in March and completed it 22 July. I modified the plans in three relatively small areas. The shearwaters were split with sections of 3/8 ply x 1 5/8 added between the inner and outer shearwaters. The inner shearwater was the same heigth as the outer and the outer was milled with a round cope at the top and bottom. This gave me places to tie ropes to at various stations along the shearwaters. That was important to me since I will use the boat to supply my cabin and need to tie large loads to the boat on occasion. The second modification was to make the sections of the seat supports under the seats open for storage, with foam filler outboard of those sections on either side. That gives me a place to stow a life preserver and bailing equipment. The third modification was suggested to me by a friend who is an experienced builder. He said that for river use in Alaska, the hull bottom would need strakes added to protect the hull from all the gravel bars I am bound to hit running in a glacial stream. I used side by side quarter round mouldings to effect the strakes and extended the skeg into a strake running the lenght of the hull bottom. I used Herculiner to protect the floor and non-sitting portions of the seats. This provided a non-slip surface which is helpful. I glassed the outside of the boat and put three coats of glass over the strakes and skeg. The outside of the boat was finished with 4 doublecoats of gelcoat. I built this Rowme to replace my Coleman scanoe which was stolen last fall. A new scanoe would have cost about $550. I think I have over $2000 in Row Me OH! It was an eye opener and a lot more work than I expected. I think a lot of that was due to my inexperiece with fiberglass projects. The finished project seems fully capable of carrying large loads, and with 8 foot oars it is very maneuverable.

RowMe by  Kurt Finlayson , Wellsville, UT

Subject: RowMe Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 13:47:45 -0600 From: Kurt Finlayson I have floated the Snake River in the Jackson WY almost 10 times. I plan to fiberglass the entire bottom this winter. The Okume wood held up remarkably well. We often scraped down riffles that had lots of rocks and almost no water. There are only minor scratches on the bottom. Almost no depth to the scratches, I am amazed!

Rowme by Ron Ulm

Rowme by Ron Ulm, West Sacramento, California 24 July, 2009 Just thought I\'d pass along a few pictures of my first boat build. Your plans were perfect. Thanks!


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