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Scooter by Tom Clark, Houston, TX

November 9, 2018 I am super pleased with how well this boat works in shallow water. I put a custom propeller on it from Jack Foreman at Cross roads propeller and a Shaw Wing Cavitation plate. This thing jumps on plane super fast and is a surprisingly dry ride. Having a lot of fun with it.

Scooter by Leland Hayes, Bemidji, Minnesota

25 November 2013 I received the plans in May 2013 and 750 hrs. later this is what I’ve got. It will be donated to the Farley Boat Museum for auction in March, 2014. It sports a Ray’s 48 volt electric outboard. The hull is completely full of foam adding 3,600 lbs. of Bodensee to the boat. It was built in Minnesota and will make the trip to Port Aransas, Texas the first part of December 2013.

Scooter by Russ Ware, Houston, TX

10-8-04: Here is the Scooter boat I launched back on 5-15-04. I followed the plans pretty close with the exception of the console. I took measurements from a factory built boat for a more up to date look. The entire boat was glassed and epoxy coated. It has a 70hp outboard with a jack plate allowing it to run in some real skinny water.

Scooter by Gary Burch

Scooter by Gary Burch, Edinburg, Texas 24 March 2010 Here are two pictures of the before and after of my boat building project. The Scooter was modified to have a round forward bow, with a casting deck. I also added two boxes for storage in the aft of boat. All stringers were made from solid oak and marine grade plywood. I used half inch marine grade plywood on deck and hull. The hull and deck were covered with fiberglass.

Scooter by Jason Mccarrell

Scooter by Jason McCarrell, Edna, Texas 14 September 2009


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