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Scrambler by Al Wirta, Sultan, Washington

Update December, 2018 Update March 2015 19 February 2015 Thank you very much Gayle, Attached are some progress pictures of the Scrambler. I’m adding a keel bar (need to rout out the center for the bar to fit down into the center channel) to make the keel a little more substantial. This has been a great project for me so far. Thank you for your help. ;o) Al

Scrambler by Richard Herrick, Northwest Washington

22 January 2008 Just finished gluing the side planking.

Scrambler by Monte Becker

Scrambler by Monte Becker, Coyhaique, Chile 7 November 2009 Thanks so much for making these plans available. Practically the moment I saw them offered by you I started building. I ran the boat for several seasons open and have just now finished putting in boxes and floor boards. The boat is a blast to drive, very stable and a great addition to my ¨small¨ fleet that I use at my fly fishing lodge an hour north of Coyhaique, Chile. On the water photos to follow. I\'m happy to answer questions about the design and build.


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