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Sissy Do by Larry Anderson, Forest Lake, MN

9-16-2019 - Gayle - This the "Sissy Do" that you helped me build last year. Larry Anderson, Minnesota

Sissy Do by Bill Matthews

Sissy Do by Bill Matthews, Cape Town, South Africa 20 September 2009

Sissy Do by John Hankinson

Sissy Do by John Hankinson July 19, 2009 Just thought that I would drop a line and show you a few pictures of a Sissy Do that my dad and I built about 22 years ago in our basement. Though not used much, this boat has taken lots of punishment and is still going strong! I just re-powered it with a 9.9HP Suzuki. I had a blast in it when I was younger and now I hope my kids take an interest in it in the next couple of years.

Sissy Do by James Newman

Sissy Do by James Newman, Richmond Hill, Georgia April 30, 2009 The following photos represent a 99% complete skiff, which I modified to a 15\' pocket tunnel hull for power use. I used fir plywood, epoxy fiberglass and fir battens. The seats are mahogany, and as you can see from the photos, the interior is a natural finish. I have another project which is a 34\', NC bow flare, express sportsfishing boat. I designed this boat myself and have been the sole builder for the past seven years. It is about 75-80 % complete and should be done in a year or two. The skiff was a fast build in comparison to the large boat project which involves much more work. So, I really enjoyed completion of it in a couple of weeks, notwithstanding rainy, wet weather and cool weather. I used a single layer of biaxle on the bottom, with epoxy coating on the sides and interior. The pale blue finish on the sides is Interlux. The interior is natural cedar, fir and select pine. The sheer and chine rails are a contrasting white composite. This project was a snap compared to my other long term project due to the very good line drawing and patterns. Thanks so much, Jim Newman

Sissy-Do by George Maher, Fargo, North Dakota

15 October 2003 Work on the Sissy-Do has been occasional, so far. But progress is being made!

Sissy-Do by John Roberts, Suffolk, Virginia

I bought a set of plans for a 12 foot skiff at least 30 years ago. It was similar to the boat my father had built for me from a kit when I was 9 years old. This boat didn't appeal to me as much as the desire to see if I could build one myself. Every couple of years I would run across those plans while looking for something else, look at them and put them away because I didn't have the time or the money or the work space… Any excuse not to do it, but I always wanted to try. Several years ago I gave up my part time retirement job to care for my wife, Linda. During the winter of 2013 – 2014 I filled my free time with building “Treasure boxes” for my 6 granddaughters. It was a fun project and Linda got a kick out of following my progress. In the summer of 2014 I was trying to think of a good project for the coming winter and it dawned on me that this was the time to attempt the boat build. I remembered Glen-L from decades earlier and a quick search showed me that they were not only still in business, but seemed to be thriving in the internet world. After looking through the many plans available I decided that the 13 foot “Sissy-Do” was just what I had in mind. I really had no use for a boat but I thought it would be a really fun and interesting project. I bought Glen’s “Boatbuilding With Plywood” book, the “Sissy-Do” plans, their fastener and glue kits, bought a sheet of ¾” marine plywood and a bunch of African mahogany and started cutting out pieces in late August 2014. I managed to complete the hull, get it painted and apply the name “Leaky Linda” to the side before Linda passed away this past July. She loved it and said she could picture her grandchildren riding in it. The name was a throwback to a boat with a hole in it that I acquired several decades ago. After repairing it, my three sons and I had many happy days on the water but Linda wouldn't get near it. She appreciated us affectionately invoking her name when we referred to it but the first and last time she got in a boat with me was when we were 14 years old. After that trip she said “never again”. I completed the details of the new “Leaky Linda” after her passing and got it in the water for the first time in early September. As you can see I modified it a bit making a small center console out of it. It runs beautifully and I hope to have the grandkids out soon. The build was more fun than I ever expected and helped us get through a tough winter. Might even attempt a second build. Oh, and I'm happy to report it didn't leak.

Sissy Do by Ron Peterson, Shasta Lake, California

11 May 2011 I'm building this boat completely by myself so the construction frame is very sturdy. There will be no torquing around in my shop, buddy...!

Sissy Do by Wade Roach

1 November 2007

Sissy Do by Nicholas Thompson, Ocean View, Delaware

November 2011 Two years ago I purchased a plan for the Sissy Do so that I could attempt to build my first boat. It had been a dream of mine since I was a teenager. Well I have been working on it here and there since then. Even though it is not exactly to the specifications to the design it floats and I look forward to taking her out into the Indian River Bay this coming Spring and Summer. This was the first time I ever did any woodworking and it has spawned a new hobby for me. I decided to name the boat after my 7-month old son, Colton. Specifically "Colton's Toy". Thank you.

Sissy Do by Neal & Jodi Smith, Williamstown, West Virginia

March 2013 I real had a great time building the boat and it has turned out better then I could have dreamed it would. Today was the first day I have had it on the water and the boat did great. Very stable with lots of room compared to my 1964 11.5ft v-bottom. I spent a lot of time trying to decide on what boat to build, but there just wasn\'t anything that I could modify to what I was looking for, other than the Sissy-do. I added a sheet of 1/4inch plywood to the inside of the bottom to make is flat on the inside. I also moved the location of the seats to make it more of a two man fishing boat. Hope you enjoy the pictures as well as I enjoyed the build. Thanks!

Sissy Do by The Saint John's Prep Engineering Club, Danvers, Massachusetts

31 March 2014 The Prep Engineering Club looked to the open water this year when they decided to build a maritime skiff. Specifically, the students chose to build a Sissy Do, which is a 13' design by Glen-L. The Danversport Yacht Club Marina generously offered to provide space for the Prep boat builders to work on the project, complete with ample room, easy access to electricity, good lighting, and the company of other boats. Science teacher and club moderator Marcus Soule posts about their progress here:

Sissy Do (Modified) by William Wagner, International Falls, Minnesota

November, 2015 Glen-L has supplied me with several plans that I have constructed. These include the Little Hunk, Sissy Do, Huron Canoe, plus others. Here are construction photos of a modified Sissy Do that I dreamt about one night. It has the bow end on each end, just for fun. I used White Oak for the frames and stringers; Douglas Fir Plywood; epoxy paint. One bow has "SOUTH" brass plate; the other end has "NORTH" brass plate...guess I'll name her "COMPASS." Thank you!


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