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Ski King by Jonathon Clark, Lyme Regis, UK

September 6, 2018 I thought you may be interested to see my finished Ski King, built in Lyme Regis in the UK whilst I was on the Marine Construction, Systems Engineering and Maintenance course at the Boat Building Academy. Below are some photos and a link to a magazine article written about it, together with a link to the photographic build diary. Basically, it took four of us full time for 20 weeks to get it built and launched on schedule! You will notice some adaptations: - I lengthened it by 10% plus increased the size of the rear bumper so that overall it is now 17' - I made the rear seats rear-facing for better monitoring of a waterskier by passengers - I made the engine housing an integral part of the deck (as I had another 1.5ft to work with) - The transom is curved The boat is called Agapé (Greek for 'the highest order of love' - I guess I am a little romantic). Boat Building Academy Small Boats Monthly

Ski King Outboard by Chris Stokes, UK

December 4, 2017 - Hi, I thought you might like to see some photos of my latest project,yes ski king again this time as a open runabout, strengthened transom, reduced motor bearers, handles really well.

Ski King by Chris Stokes

This is a different take on the Ski King--a gentleman's speedster. Ski king has been enlarged 10% throughout fitted with v8 and c71 gearbox.

Jan's Ski King by Jan Koubsky, Brozany nad Ohri, Czech Republic

July 2015 Planking finished.

Ski King by Robert Rowe, Goolwa, Adelaide, Australia

Photos Updated 31 March 2014 28 August 2013 Modified bow/stem shape to be more pointed.

Ski King by Marijn van Roode, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Update 17 September 2013 21 December 2009 - First photos

Ski King by Gary Rule, The Basin, Victoria, Australia

Update November 2012 Ski King \"2 the Max\" Built 2005 Giving many years of maximum fun!

Ski King by Rick Aronson\'s Dad, Long Beach, California

November 2012 Nearly sixty years ago my dad built what I believe was a Ski King, stretched 10%. I only have one picture of it, taken at Marine Stadium in Long Beach. He powered it with a 85 hp Ford flathead direct drive. He had a cabinet and millwork business on Cherry Ave in Long Beach for a little over 20 years until he retired. I can only remember bits and pieces of the boat when I was probably 5 or 6 years old. I remember it was loud and I bounced around a lot riding in it. I don\'t have a clue what ever became of it, but if my dad built it, it was built to last and is probably still in use somewhere. Fast forward 55 years and I\'m getting ready to build my own boat. My shop is small so I\'ve decided on the Zip 14\' outboard. I live on a comparatively small lake in Northern California that will be just right for cruising in the Zip.

Ski King by John Herd, Wakefield, New Zealand

\"Typhoon\" (Ski King) built by John Herd, NZ. Professional photos by Will Calver managed to complete it\'s build early last year (2011) - it went on to win the trophy as \"Best New Build Boat\" at the NZ Antique and Classic Boat Show held in 2011. It was a fun project to build and is a lively boat on the water - provides us with plenty of pleasure. Thanks again for a great design.


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