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Ski Tow by Lars Vestergaard, Aalborg, Denmark

Ski Tow by Lars Vestergaard, Aalborg, Denmark Photos updated March, 2012 May 7, 2009 I started my SKI TOW project July 2008. I am from Denmark and I am not sure if others from Denmark have built a Glen-L boat before. This is my first boat building project, and I am very excited to go on with it. I had rebuild my garage a little before there was enough room for the boat.

Ski Tow by David Hepler, Winchester, VA

11 October 2007 Here are some pictures of my 15' Ski Tow. I built it in my garage with my daughter. It took about one year to complete.

Ski Tow by Ron Humphrey, Staghorn Flat, Victoria, Australia

April 24, 2008 The SKI TOW is finally started, it\'s 45 years since I built the MISSILE in 1963, being 17 at that time, and have always wanted to build more boats since then. So I find it a great experience again, having retired from building houses. I think boat building is the Ultimate in craftsmanship, & your plans & patterns allow the amateur to fulfil the dream of any would-be boat builder. The SKI TOW will be used for fishing.

Ski Tow by Greg Morrell

Update: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 21:03:47 EDT Nearly done! Having loads of fun building Ski Tow, more soon. Greg Update: 14 October 2002 Well its finished!. It looks good and runs great. Some specs. 860 LBS. Ready to run less people. 1961 Mercury 700 full gear shift (70 h.p.).Planes at 18 knots with 3 adults, 1 kid & 2 small dogs. Tops out at 35 with same load. Cruises like a caddy at 25. Would probably run 40 with less people but there were always people wanting a ride or to go fishing. Took 1 1/2 years to build. Some late nights, long weekends & some tense moments, but when I took the cover off and put it in the water (and it floated) it was worth all the work. Thanks for the great plans, help & nice hardware. -- Greg Morrell.

Ski Tow by Al Dawson

Ski Tow by Al Dawson, Lusby, Maryland 5 November 2010 See Al\'s Story in WebLetter 124

Ski Tow by Tom Gallagher

May 2016 Thought you might like to see this picture from 1961. I built the ski tow that year And spent many hours waterskiing in the delta. It was a great boat . Many fond memories. We have had many boats since then and our current boat is a 61ft Tollycraft.


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