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Super Spartan by Dave Knutson, Fall City, Washington

June 2013 Using a 30 HP Yamaha for propulsion.

Super Spartan by Steve Johnson, Newport Beach, California

June 2013 Thank you so much for the support you have provided over the past few weeks. It\'s nice to know that Glen L/Gayle will be there when the questions arise. I am having a great time with the Spartan. It has been challenging, and a test of my wood-working skills. Since my father raced his C-class hydro, \"Sea Swede\", in the 1950\'s, I am building this as a tribute to him. I know he is watching over me from the big course in the sky.

Super Spartan by Jamie Crocker, Ontario, Canada

25 August 2010 Thank you for the Super Spartan plans. After about six months of on and off work the boat was finally completed! There were few difficulties along the way, but come the middle of August 2010 the boat was launched.

Super Spartan by Rob Sotirin, Mound, MN

Nov 2, 2007 Here are a few construction and operating pictures of our new boat, which we named \"Retro Rocket\". It\'s the Glen-L \"Super Spartan\", a fun project without much required in the way of materials, because it\'s designed to be very light weight. I found a mid-60\'s Merc200 for power and that\'s plenty of push to rocket the boat around with two kids on board. When I took the pictures in the water I had not converted the motor to remote throttle, so my son is actually working the throttle while his buddy steers. Even with two little boys on board, the boat is very fast and stable. Regards, Rob Sortirin Mound, Minnesota

Super Spartan by Steve Wells

14 December 2007 Attached are a couple of pictures of the 10’ Hydro I built from your plans back in 1980. I still run the boat on occasions and have a blast in it! The boat runs 40 mph +/- with a stock 25 hp and high performance prop. Steve Wells

Super Spartan by Brett Webster

Super Spartan by Brett Webster, Blakeney, United Kingdom 24 June 2010

Super Spartan by Steven Willis

Super Spartan by Steven Willis July 21, 2008 Super Spartan, built 1982, still runs strong, 47 mph w/ Johnson 1981 35 Hp


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