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V-Dory by David Chaloupka, Schulenburg, Texas

September 2013 Original project started in 1998, finished hull, and then sat in a barn until last month. My little four-year old daughter wanted a pirate ship....and with a few changes, here it is. Not finished on the final paint, and no idea if it will still float, but it will make one hell of a parade float. UPDATE: Two weeks later…2nd photo shows how the little one wanted her colors. The shade cloths make great sails, very little wind loading and keeps the deck cool for the kids. Even has a parrot and skeleton as the mast head. Funny thing about the boat, I have been trying to sell it for the last five years, and no one wanted to finish it up. Now everybody wants it. One guy wants to rent it for a barbeque cook-off prop, and we have three parades where groups want to borrow it. Can\'t imagine who we will have wanting to use it once we get the ATF approval to make 4 cannons…. Oh, and yes, it does float.....backing up to the lake, hill was a little too steep so the boat and trailer went in…was a real bear to pull out of the mud.

V Dory by Matt O\'Neill

Subject: Re: V-Dory Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2001 16:56:05 -0700 Barry, By snail mail I am sending photos of the renovations I have done on the V-Dory I built in \'94 and which you feature in the V-Dory description. The scanner craped out and I haven\'t replaced it. Will send a copy of this e-mail so you can put 2 and 2 together. I found the weight of the cuddy cabin was too much and too far forward. I\'m sure this center console without the cabin is going to give better performance. Pictures on the way. Best, Matt O\'Neill

V-Dory by Stefan Karakashian, Bellingham, Washington

Update April 2013 Boat as she sits today. Quick tip and plug: BoatUS was the only insurance company I found that would insure my homebuilt Glen-L design, less than $250 for the whole year includes towing and assistance. Thanks! Stefan Karakashian Bellingham, WA March 26, 2008 Finally got all the frames cut to size and mounted to the building form. Still have to screw the cross braces to the frames. Also need to construct a minor form to support frame 11. Sadly this is what happens to the perfectly good work shop when you get obsessed. The transom picture shows a 32\" cut out for a single four stroke with a 20\" length.

V-Dory by Bob Banks, Salt Lake City, Utah

Photos Updated 25 June 20129 May 2012I am installing my last section of plywood today and tommorrow. I am ready to glass. I am 65 years old ready to retire. I have been around boats all my life. I fished when I was younger with a man who had a dory just like the V dory I found in your catalog. This man had modified it to sail and these months fishing with him were very important in reparing my life after the war in Asia. I promised I would some day build a boat like this one. I am well on my way.

V-Dory by Dennis Greenwood & Walt Moffatt, Lafayette, California

Update December, 2012 Update June, 2012I thought that you might like to see a picture if our boat, a v-dory hull with a \"custom\" house, built by a gifted home builder named Dennis Greenwood. We bought the two year old basic fishing boat from him in 2008, and have been adding stuff since. We had the canvas done professionally, but I\'ve done the other embellishments myself using my wife\'s washer and dryer tops as my workbench. We keep the boat on the water in a covered berth, and enjoy sitting on it as well as taking lunch trips to Benicia, and Vallejo, CA. We really like the volume and capacity of the hull design, and when the going gets tough the old folks slow down and enjoy the ride. I know that outfitting a boat doesn\'t put me in the same league as builders, but it sure is fun, and cost effective. If you\'d like more info, I\'d be happy to oblige. Walt Moffatt

V Dory by Adam Machala

V-Dory by Adam Machala, Pomona Park, Florida 26 November 2009 My V-Dory named \"Beaujolais\", began construction January 2009 and hope to have her completed by December, 2009.


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