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Vigilant by Haji Kamal, Terengganu, Malaysia

2-26-03 Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, This is a very interesting and fun project for the year of 2002/2003. Try it!! Then you can share the fun. To update (02/26/2003): nearly five months building VIGILANT, this is all I can produce.... a snail\'s pace. Looking back, without a previous wood working knowledge and very far away from Shipbuilding/Boatbuilding experience, I can consider myself one step a head of yesterday, from nothing to a small thing. In this project, every day is a new day with new experiences, quite interesting! Vigilant wouldn\'t have come this far without sooo much assistance from Gayle, Mr Barry Witt, your Naval Architect and your materials Warehouse operators at GLEN-L. Thanks to the gentlemen at GLEN-L\'S Boatbuilding Forum, you are contributing lots of boatbuilding tricks, slowly I grasp whatever necessary from the basic boatbuider knowledge in the Forum. Please visit \"Project Registry\" to read the brief of the project. From the pics here send your comments, hopefully I can avoid making the same mistakes in the future. God willing, I will try to update the pics whenever the Fairing process and Planking work is completed. Thank you very much for dropping by, thank you. Haji Kamal 0310 hrs, 02/27/2003 Terengganu, MALAYSIA


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