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Wild Thing by David Henry, Dublin, Ireland

19 February 2008 I purchased your plans in 2003 and completed the project Feb 2004. I worked many late evenings and still kept married.

Wild Thing by Phil Harrison and son, Redwood City,

5-10-03 Barry, Thanks for the email. The Wild Thing and Tempest is progressing at a slower pace these days. My son is in his last year in High School and I\'ve had to spend time traveling on some business projects as opposed to personal projects. We have been working on the projects when we can find a few hours on the weekends. We are at the final finishing stage now on the Wild Thing. I have just finished putting in the final screws and nails last weekend and will spend part of today, filling screw holds and sanding. I plan to start fiberglassing next weekend and then paint the following weekend. We should have the official launch in Early July after my son graduates. I\'ve attached pictures of the final stages of the Wild Thing. I want to complete the Wild Thing first so we can get it out of the way as it takes up all the room on the make shift work table. I hope you like the pictures as I've made some modifications to the cowling. I will send more pictures in a few weeks. I want to admit we have had a lot of good times with the Wild Thing project and look forward to spending some quality time on the Tempest when we get some room in the tent. Best regards, Phil Harrison

Wild Thing by Bob Holt, Port Dover, Ontario, Canada

I built the Wild Thing from your plans back in 1998-99. The boat is still going strong by the way!


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