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XP8  by Jake Buttrick

5-8-03 I finished my XP8 a couple years ago. Up until last summer I\'ve been using a Merc110, getting speeds just over 25MPH. This winter I finished rebuilding a 1950\'s Mercury Mark 25, and should get the boat going around 35MPH. Sometime this summer I will finish my 1950\'s racing engine, a Mark 15H. That should push me over 40MPH, and I could use the MK25 powerhead on the H tower... That would be reeeaaaalllly fast. Can\'t wait to try it out. Yep, I have many photos. My brother has a telephoto lens on this 35mm, so we have some nice shots from the rowboat. As a matter of fact, he has a Pee Wee (I\'ll send one of those pictures too). The Pee Wee has a 1997 Johnson 9.9HP on it and goes slightly faster than my XP-8 with a 70\'s Mercury 9.8HP. I\'ll send a couple now, if you want more, just let me know. Have I mentioned I\'m only 19 (I was 17 when I comlpeted construction)? I did all the work myself. Only help I got was my brother helped me flip it during construction.

XP8 by Dave Rogalski

XP8 by Dave Rogalski, Safety Harbor, Florida My son and I had a great time building this boat. These memories will last for our lifetime!


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