2012 Gathering of Glen-L Boatbuilders Photos

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  1. Gary L. Sage Sr. we looking on put a gathering in the rockies Down south of you at Lake Powell we are shooting for the year 2014 we will be uppdating the info on the gather on my site http://www.facebook.com/Home.Made.Boat.Building and on the Glen-l forum http://www.glen-l.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=20840

  2. Dick Hopkins says:

    It looks like I missed a great event. I hope it never happens again.
    Some really great looking usable boats. I’ll never get over the kick I get out of looking at Boats!
    Especially hand made Boats.
    Hope to see y’all next year.

  3. […] want to make this article too long. If you haven’t seen the photos from G6, we have a Gallery here.  There are several other videos on the Glen-L You Tube Channel […]

  4. frank hartwick says:

    great pictures& vidios have followed the gatherings for 3yrs or more
    would love to meet you all,great forum,many hours spent following.
    thank’s frank-h

  5. Gary L. Sage Sr. says:

    Hi All! I am truly sorry I could not attend your “Gathering” this year it looks like it was a lot of fun!! Have ever considered having three such events in the West, Mid West, and East? Tennessee is a long way from Northern Idaho…

  6. Dwain Colton says:

    Maaaaannnnnn, did I miss bein’ there…Had a good reunion (94 people out of 195 showed up), but my mind was on the G6…Loved the neat pitures….Dwain, the SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII KIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGG…..

  7. Al Neill says:

    Great pictures from a super group of people and the best boat building site on the web.


    Al Neill
    Kanata, Ont

  8. Reid Lowe says:

    Looked like a fun gathering. One day in retirement we shall make the
    trip and join in.

    I must say that yellow hydroplane (photos 17 & 18) with the
    6 cylinder Mercury “TOWER OF POWER“ , must be
    an absolute rocket ship!.

    Best Regards

    Reid Lowe

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