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Lines Used In Boat Plans

On April 11, 2013, in Designer Articles, WebLetters, by Glen L. Witt

The other day a question arose as to what a dashed line meant on the plans. The answer, of course, was that it was a hidden line, in back of what is being seen.

The reply “But how do you know that?” is a legitimate question.

Perhaps, too often, we assume something is common knowledge. So a short review as to the type of lines used in standard drafting procedures seems appropriate.

Yes, of course, there are many standards. For example, the hidden line technically should have a certain length of each dash and a set spacing between them. A computer may follow this standard, but let’s be practical; a draftsman with pencil in hand drawing a hidden line does not measure the length or spacing of dashed lines.

Let’s take a look at the most common of these lines used on boat plan drawings…

_______________ Solid Line; This outlines an object being seen or lines seen in the plane being viewed.

_ ____ _ ____ _ ____ _ Dash, Long Dash, Dash, etc.; Indicates the centerline of what is being shown.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Dash, Space, Dash, Space, etc.; A hidden line, one that is in back of the object being viewed.

_ _ ____ _ _ ____ _ _ Two Short Dashes, Space, One Long Dash, Space, etc.; Indicates out of the plane of reference… e.g. an object in front of that being shown.

<—————————-> Solid Line with Arrows on Either End; Used for indicating the distance between point ends of the arrows.

Sure, most of you know this.

But, just maybe not everyone.


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