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Editor’s Note: “Things To-Do with 15 Minutes” was “lifted” from an interchange between Bill Edmundson and several of our other builders in the Glen-L Boatbuilder Forum.

Bill writes:

While reading posts in the “Boatbuilder Forum” Sailboats section I found Robert from Dallas, Texas (forum User Name “Razopp”) and others had complained about finding time to work on their boats.  Dale (“Smith Brother”) of Indianapolis, Indiana, suggested that boatbuilding is “seven thousand 20-minute” tasks. To that Robert said he’d “have to settle for 15 minutes at a time.”

Upon reflection, I put together a list of 15-minute tasks. My guess is that for every three 15-minute tasks, you save an hour on your “big” work day (something will interrupt you for the other 15 minutes). Whatever you do, don’t do “Honey Do’s” with your 15 minutes. They will just come up with another (they want the time, not the activity).

Things To-Do with 15 Minutes

(I tried for things that aren’t too dirty or messy. I’m sure you will add to this list!)

1. Mark a pattern on a frame.

2. Make cardboard gusset patterns. (12-pack boxes work great)

3. Dry fit the next glue job.

4. Dry set frames on set-up/motor stringers.

5. Use molding strips to check the symmetry of curvature, frame to frame.

6. Take some pictures for John. John likes pictures!

7. Mark screw locations.

8. Drill screw pilot holes.

9. Drill screw counter-sinks.

10. Trim excess overhangs.

11. Sweep.

12. Pick up used sandpaper.

13. Cut up bulk sandpaper.

14. Plane that piece that’s been bothering you.

15. Make a list of things to pick up before the next work session; put it in your car.

16. Make building log entries.

17. Look for and mark high and low points for fairing.

18. Get on the computer and order materials.

19. Pick up scraps in shop.

20. Pull staples.

21. Wet wood down for final sanding.

22. Do some masking for this weekend’s painting.

23. Finish that piece that you stopped on to do a “Honey Do.”

24. Layout tomorrow’s work and tools.

25. Get out the C&C (Chair and Cooler), sit down, and drink a Beer.

26. Enjoy your work and think through your next move.

Have fun,










— Bill Edmundson

Birmingham, Alabama

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