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1964 Chris-Craft Super Sport Restore

On September 14, 2015, in News From Gayle, by Gayle Brantuk

Brad Schiller aka “Builder in the Corn” has been to past Boatbuilder Gatherings and plans on bringing his boat this year. Brad has completed a restoration of a 1964 Chris-Craft Super Sport and has done a beautiful job. Brad has a Gallery here on our site showing some photos of his work. Be sure and attend the Gathering this weekend and see Brad’s boat and lots of Glen-L boats too. It’s nice to see the classics to get ideas for hardware and other features to use on your newly built “classic”!

Brad Schiller in his 1964 Chris-Craft Super Sport!

Brad has a wiring diagram he also wanted to share for those who may find it helpful:

We normally only post information about Glen-L boats, but Chris-Craft was one of the builders that was an inspiration for many Glen-L designs. And who knows, maybe Glen-L designs were inspiration for some of the major manufacturer’s of the time such as Chris-Craft.

If you’d like to build a similar design, take a look at our Audeen or Mist Miss that were designed in the mid-50’s (photos below).

We have a 1964 Chris-Craft brochure and here’s what it says about “The Super Sports!”:

Been toying around with the idea of trying some really exciting water sport? Meet the totally new Chris-Craft SUPER SPORT series! Styled for the space age, they look like they’re in motion even when moored. Everything about the cockpits–snug two-tone seats, dazzling instrument panels, vinyl floors and side paneling–spells well-tailored luxury. But even more impressive are the ingredients for real water action that lie hidden in every Super Sport. A special super-speed propeller. Highly streamlined racing rudder and shaft strut. Hydraulic transmission. Your choice of a 327 or 430-cubic-inch engine. They’re all standard equipment. And the instant you pour on the coal and feel the pistol-shot acceleration, the cat-quick response, the remarkable stability of the hull, you’ll know that life’s not going to be the same for you again. Indulge yourself; try taming a Super Sport.

1964 Chris-Craft Brochure

1964 Chris-Craft Brochure (click to enlarge)

Glen-L Audeen built by Warren Lyon

Glen-L’s Mist Miss built by Alan Gatz



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