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Bonanza – An Overlooked Barrelback

On October 16, 2015, in Glen-L Styles, by Gayle Brantuk

Bonanza boat plans

Bonanza built by Anthony Herrett

While going through our Galleries, I came across this really nice video of Anthony Herrett’s first launch of his Glen-L Bonanza in 2014. I love launch videos because it’s wonderful to share in such a momentous event. What a rush to see someone’s months or years of work baptized for the first time in the water where they belong!

Speaking of baptizing, it’s good to see that Anthony poured champagne over his boat instead of whacking it with the bottle to christen it. It’s much less detrimental to the hull! Before you watch Anthony’s video, let me give you some of the details on the Bonanza design.

inboard runabout


She’s 17 feet long and has a reverse curve at the chine to knock down spray. Which means, she is built with plywood, but cold molded in the forward bottom section (aka “double diagonal planking”). The raked transom is a nice feature reminiscent of the Italian Riva. The Bonanza was designed in 1961. We have plans & patterns, a Silicon Bronze fastening kit with all the nails and screws to build her and a Fiberglass Covering kit to protect your investment all available to simplify the building. Our original test model had a 283 Chevy Small Block and hit 49 mph. Glen recalls that the test model was sold before it was completely finished.

Anthony sent in quite a few of his build photos that you can see in his Gallery.


Glen-L boat plans

Bonanza built by Darroll McLaughlin

So, here’s the launch video of Anthony’s Bonanza–enjoy!


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  1. ctfolmar says:

    Is it possible to build the Bonanza with the engine mounted in the stern driving a jet pump? How badly would that effect balance, and can it be corrected? I really like the design, but my wife really dislikes the engine box in the middle of the boat. I must, I don’t care much for it myself. Thanks.

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