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Glen-L 14 Sailboat Builder Interview

On February 10, 2012, in News From Gayle, Videos, by Gayle Brantuk

I first met Kenny Cooper at one of our annual Gatherings of Boatbuilders in 2009, I believe. He was still working on his sailboat but had it close to completion and brought it to share.

This interview was taken at G5, the 2011 Gathering which was in Tennessee where it will be next year as well. It’s hard to miss Kenny’s boat because of the beautiful colorful sails it sports. He has been at all of our events since 2009 and I’ve had the privilege of riding in and sailing his boat a couple of times.

The Glen-L 14 is a 14 foot sailing sloop designed for plywood construction. This design as well as the Glen-L 15, are a couple of our most popular sailboat designs. In addition to the full size plans and patterns, we also have a silicon bronze fastening kit, fiberglass covering kit, sails, hardware and rigging.

Kenny did a beautiful job building his boat and truly enjoys using it. I hope you enjoy this interview as well. Many of you have been hankering for a little more play for sailboats, so I hope this tides you over for a while! 

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